• Top Ten Favourite Songs of 2009

    27 Dec 2009, 10:10 by goodbyeSUNRISE

    10. Moth's Wings
    Passion Pit made it onto the list with a song that is feel good and catchy. Sleepyhead has gotten more attention, but Moth's Wings is just as good, if not better.

    9. Wait It Out
    Imogen Heap has a beautiful voice and sings with passion and heart on Wait It Out. This is a song that strikes you to the core, to live each day to the fullest.

    8. 1901
    Phoenix shows that even a band that plays their own instruments can come up with a song that you can dance to. 1901 is a perfect song to jam out to in the car, bar or alone in your room.

    7. Assassin
    John Mayer sings about a one night stand and the feelings resonating the morning after. Assassin has one of the best hooks that is as great the first time as it is the hundredth.

    6. Doublespeak
    Thrice totally surprised me with Doublespeak. The band has always been good, but they stepped it up a notch with this song. The song has a great beat, thanks to the drumming and timely piano. The chorus isn't half bad either.