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  • Avatar for heavyk
    Was always going to be a bit biased since they're my favourite band, but the new album is fantastic!
  • Avatar for herrohellohi
    this is like nirvana but if they had no talent
  • Avatar for Loaded-Gun
    So einen Knaller wie Major/Minor werdet ihr wohl nicht mehr raushauen, macht aber auch nichts
  • Avatar for nimityaka_
    new album is A+
  • Avatar for Satria-Putra
    new album is decent
  • Avatar for SoldierShredder
    Listened for the first time to TBEITBN. Instantly fell in love with Stay With Me <3. THRICE IS FUCKING BACK!!!
  • Avatar for Luigui9C
    To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere ❤
  • Avatar for Eli_Minator
    Stay With Me <3
  • Avatar for jahyuck
    The Window and Whistleblower are my favorites.
  • Avatar for treos4living-
    sure 100 scrobbles biggest thrice fan
  • Avatar for andtomort
    @treos4living It's killing me how fucking stupid you are.
  • Avatar for liftedoff Thrice 2016, up!
  • Avatar for good_bone
    wow. TBEITBN is something else
  • Avatar for jcmatias
    finally got TBEITBN. Wow, sick return. I was already excited with Blood on The Sand - straight forward rock song, i can't help but bang my head... and the rest is Thrice doing what they love and what they do best. I kinda miss the ~growls~, but Dustin voice is got lower, raspy, heavier and he is sounding awesome
  • Avatar for treos4living-
    Its killing me how repetitive the lyrics on the new album are
  • Avatar for ericbearclaw
    Derek-H Blood on the sand fits a lot better when you listen to the album as a whole.. perfectly fits between hurricane and the window.
  • Avatar for SynthetikBreed
    Salt and Shadowww!
  • Avatar for Derek-H
    ↓ Those two exclamations contradict one another quite a bit.
  • Avatar for kne90
    fucking perfect album!! blood on the sand!
  • Avatar for jahyuck
    Once again, pre released singles are not the best songs on the album..
  • Avatar for bruno_avilar
  • Avatar for ericbearclaw
    the album leaked
  • Avatar for FeelUrWorth
    death from above is just perfect.
  • Avatar for ericbearclaw
    Death From Above is brilliant. I can't wait for this album!
  • Avatar for jahyuck
    You're not alone, and the song clips that they keep posting on instagram don't get me hyped either. Weird..
  • Avatar for moderaterock
    London show upgraded after 24 hours. #ThriceLives
  • Avatar for theblackjay
    If I'm the only one it's okay, but both new songs were complete let downs for me. No passion in Dustin's vocals and really boring songwriting.
  • Avatar for eyeslikefireee
    Black Honey is awesome. Can't wait for new album. [2]
  • Avatar for bearfister
    I haven't been this excited about new music from an artist in a long time.
  • Avatar for MoogInRow
    I listen to both Thrice and Underoath and that comparison makes no sense at all. Black Honey is meh, not terrible but still not all that special.
  • Avatar for DrGallzo
    Black Honey is awesome. Can't wait for new album. [1]
  • Avatar for KatieDementie
    Recently into! In time to catch before the new album then
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    First listen ever....I like these guys. They remind me of, and I hate to compare bands, a less aggressive, more coherent Underoath.
  • Avatar for unknown_xvm
    good stuff
  • Avatar for Eli_Minator
    Black Honey is awesome. Can't wait for new album.
  • Avatar for ericbearclaw
    Black Honey is fucking phenomenal.. this will be album of the year without a doubt
  • Avatar for YesterdaysRain
    How the hell did I miss Blood On the Sand? Guys, you still rock! Keep it up!
  • Avatar for moderaterock
    I put Thrice's albums in an order, because the internet
  • Avatar for TheFinalJoker
    New song is okay, not too great in my opinion - But I'm sure the new album is gonna be amazing regardless. They've never let me down.
  • Avatar for Bromophobia
    New song is meh. Wasn't really expecting to be blown away anyways after Major/Minor.
  • Avatar for neilanglen
    Blood On The Sand sounds amazing. Blew me away at how good it is.
  • Avatar for NK-Metal
    I love Red Telephone tbh. I can't judge a song based on 1 play so I'm giving it the time it deserves.
  • Avatar for jahyuck
    New song is a letdown..
  • Avatar for jahyuck
    Blood on the Sand sounds like Red Telephone.
  • Avatar for jahyuck
    May 27th!
  • Avatar for good_bone
    To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere [2]
  • Avatar for liftedoff
    To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere
  • Avatar for Re-create
  • Avatar for kne90
    последнее время ток их и слушаю, как-то заворожило...4 года потребовалось чтобы заворожило
  • Avatar for MoogInRow
    Its gonna be a great next year already


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