• Hanson (x-posted)

    19 Nov 2008, 08:04 by DerekBowie

    This is an entry I posted in my old profile that I wanted on the record here as well

    This is a journal about Hanson, from a fan who considers them very similar to most of their top artists but who is quite conscious that most of the world would not. I find it impossible to look at Hanson and their music subjectively, having grown up with an older sister wayyyy into them in the Famous Days. I'm interested in how much people actually know or care about this, so please leave a comment (especially if you're not a fan), and let me know what you think of the journal, or of them, or of the state of the world today. If you can't be bothered reading, there are videos just below.

    Start with the start, or as close as I can get to it.

    Often irritating, cutesy and ear-splitting, this was made back when they were teensy-tiny (9-14), with covers and originals. At this stage they played no instruments. The best track on here is
    Rain, an original a capella track with impressive vocals: always their strength. …
  • 2007 in music listening, part 2

    31 Dec 2007, 03:35 by therabidwombat

    This entry series is about the music I listened to in 2007. It includes:

    1) 10 top artists at the end of 2007 (play based, time based)
    2) Top artist and track for each week of the year (in the case of a more than two way tie, whichever one is randomly on top is selected)
    3) Albums I bought in 2007 (this list will be long)
    4) My thoughts on the music that I heard that was new to 2007.
    5) Tracks played as of the moment this entry was finished

    June 4th-June 10th:
    Top Artist: Queen/Odds (tied with 7 listens)
    Top Track: Big White Wall (1 listen, tied with every other track from that week)

    June 11th-June 17th:
    Top Artist: Ram Jam (77 listens)
    Top Track: Bucket "T" (9 listens)

    June 18th-June 24th:
    Top Artist: Kaiser Chiefs (99 listens)
    Top Track: Grace Kelly (17 listens)

    June 25h-July 1st:
    Top Artist: Tears for Fears (249 listens)
    Top Track: Los Reyes Católicos (33 listens)

    July 2nd-July 8th:
    Top Artist: Kaiser Chiefs (97 listens)
    Top Track: Highroyds (7 listens)

    July 9th-July 15th:
  • Favorite tracks by your top 50 artists

    7 Dec 2007, 20:12 by therabidwombat

  • Hanson Rocks the HOB

    4 Oct 2007, 06:17 by sincerity

    Tue 2 Oct – Hanson

    Honestly, I sometimes forget how awesome Hanson is until I see them live. I hadn't seen them since 2004, and last night was a powerful reminder of how AWESOME they are.

    They were totally solid, all night long. Their covers (Oh! Darling, Let Love Rule, and Never Been To Spain) were INCREDIBLE ("Oh! Darling" was the hottest thing I've ever seen, seriously). My only complaint is having to hear Mmmbop and Penny And Me for the bazillionth time.

    I honestly think that the fans have slightly calmed down. I only know one person who got injured, and it wasn't serious - someone was just being a bitch. Sure, the screaming was loud, but that's expected at a Hanson concert. The venue itself was beautiful - I hadn't gotten to go to the House of Blues yet, and it is amazing.

    I'm seeing The Tragically Hip at HOB in two weeks, and I am now even more stoked, because the venue is going to perfect.