• The Flat Earth and other things I don't understand

    17 Sep 2007, 04:18 by Shmorgasborg

    Thomas DolbyThe Flat EarthI traded Foreigner 4 for Thomas Dolby's the Flat Earth. It's ok I figure the guy I traded it to didn't get as many listens as I did. I'm sure the last time he listened to Juke Box Hero was at least a decade ago while I have listened to numerous tracks over and over during the past 25 years. I have gone through 2 cassettes and 1 CD and then of course I have MP3ed The Flat Earth.

    What amazes me is how much older Thomas Dolby was when he was 24. I was in my early teens and I could only imagine how cool I would be in my early 20's listening to Jazz and drinking cappuccino at the Jazz club listening to tunes similar to I Scare Myself but that never happened. Jazz clubs never played May The Cube Be With You