366 Days

24 Jan 2012 | from

We all get a gift in 2012 - an extra day. That's right, folks, it's a leap year this year, which not only means anyone who was born on February 29th actually gets to celebrate their birthday, it also means we all get one whole extra day to fulfill our dreams!

Help This is lizzard Reach the World

Our dream this year is to reach lots and lots and LOTS of new listeners with our music. Making music is the best thing ever, but knowing other people are hearing it and enjoying it is even better.
But reaching new listeners costs money, which is why we started a project on Sponsume last month to raise funds for a promotion campaign called Help This is lizzard Reach the World! You can read all about the project here and by donating money, you're not only being instrumental in helping our music reach thousands of new listeners, you'll also be rewarded!
For any donation made, you'll receive anything from MP3 downloads to signed copies of the album(s) to a personalized video performance by This is lizzard! The project will run through February 2012 and your support would be greatly, hugely, massively appreciated!

Two Voices - One Message
We about to embark on a very exciting project in collaboration with singer/songwriter Inge and her band - a mini-tour entitled 'Two Voices - One Message', the message being whatever the listener chooses to interpret!
Inge and I met on Facebook, and we realized we had more in common than we thought - we both live in Zeeland, the south of Holland, we both have a new CD out and we both live for music! Both Inge and I sing (in English) about a lot of the same themes, but in our own unique and original way.

Dates & venues t.b.a - watch this space or head to our Facebook page for the latest news!

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