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RONNY // bitchhunter: all guitars
KEVIN // doublepenetrator: drums, graphics, mixing
PATRICK // hateeroder: vocals, bass guitar, promotional work

The thrash trio from Eisenach exists since about the end of 2002. Started as a minor focused project of Jimi (guitar), Paul (drums) and Patrick (bass guitar) under the name of "Face Crusher", they devoted himself to the band more and more and after the breakup of their other bands the focus of the three metalheads turned to this band completely. During this time the first songs has been written and for the time being it was only instrumental because of a wanting singer. But anyway the musical style established damn sure - thrash metal between the old school style of the 80s and modern sound. Afterwards some elements of black and death metal and punk has been included.

By-and-by the line-up of the band changed. At first Jimi left the band, replaced by Ronny and about one year later (2005) Kevin became the new drummer of Thirteen Wars, because of Pauls exit. So the band was complete again, but a singer was still missing. Considering that there is nobody suitable from the hardcore and metalcore scene of Eisenach, Patrick decided to take matters into his own hands. Ony year later the first concert took place, followed by further gigs among other bands like Defloration, Infaust and Raw Edge. After collecting the first experiences in playing live, the next intention was to record a demo-cd. They went about it in november 2007, in march 2008 all work has been finish successfully under their own direction and now nothing got in the way of releasing "Fire At Will". With this recording in their back 2008 shall be a high-flying year for Thirteen Wars with many shows.

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