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  • Avatar for aviations
    Oh yeah, this song also has possession of my soul.
  • Avatar for aviations
    You're so sick, Meg! Shoot me a comment the day you see this.
  • Avatar for Zach216
    this song has possession of my soul [2]
  • Avatar for crazymeg531
    this song has possession of my soul
  • Avatar for stephsayss
    God, this song. Hooked by that first line.
  • Avatar for TingeMok
    The best song of my life
  • Avatar for hecmannn
    I know something big that I can stick deep inside of you, YEAHHH true story...
  • Avatar for tracyelaine78
    love it
  • Avatar for pcbeachgirl
    I never felt alone 'til I met you.
  • Avatar for SplitAndDivide
    i don't wanna call you, but then i wanna call you 'cause i don't wanna crush you, but i feel like crushing you
  • Avatar for penceyreject
    i breathe by your looks and you look right through meeee
  • Avatar for jojathiel
    This song is so hilarious. So sexual... Deep inside of you...
  • Avatar for Xelestial
    Love this song.
  • Avatar for cebo77
    love these a non-sexual way...
  • Avatar for RisenAgain
    so relaxing<3
  • Avatar for right33
    woah, why did it take me so long to appreciate this
  • Avatar for DJ_Werd
    This one was on one of my first mixed tapes for one of my ex girlfriends. Great song.
  • Avatar for ajax_kgp
    Listening to this after 3 years and still love it!
  • Avatar for nf13
    I just realized this song was in Me Myself and Irene.
  • Avatar for ASkn
  • Avatar for JimmyDaniels
    deep inside of me
  • Avatar for hannahmcxo
    love it.
  • Avatar for DannieDMoney
    this song is beautiful. "i never felt alone 'til i met you"...that line resonates with me so much it's almost eerie.
  • Avatar for RazerPalace
    very2 nice song,so deep!
  • Avatar for cutecyte
  • Avatar for ambush1818
    One of my favorite songs by them.
  • Avatar for andychea
  • Avatar for OneFellSwoop_x
    boy make girl feel good --> stephan jenkins :)
  • Avatar for cloudblood84
    reminds me of being like 15 and in love...
  • Avatar for kc_meag42
    I absolutely love Third Eye Blind. They take me back to a simpler time. The lyrics are always so dramatic, yet simple.
  • Avatar for sbonke
    Hey, I think you might like this. Have a listen if you get a chance. Cheers, Soren
  • Avatar for ParaSnake
    I took for granted you were with me I breathe by your looks and you look right through me
  • Avatar for systolediastole
    I'd walk with my own people if I could find them...
  • Avatar for emiliah7
    i breathe by your looks and you look right through me. <3
  • Avatar for iwritesins
    And I would say that I'm sorry to you I'm sorry to you but I don't want to call you But then I want to call you cause I don't want to crush you But I feel like crushing you and it's true.
  • Avatar for GabiT
    But we were broken and didn't know it...
  • Avatar for slowboattochina
  • Avatar for HendrixFan42
    we were broke and we didn't know..
  • Avatar for mypaperplane_
    all time favourite. :D

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