• We need to record!

    16 Oct 2009, 14:05 by footlucas

    We have over 30 songs, there is surely a first album in waiting. we just can't afford to record it! Any suggestions?

    Thief Taker
  • Gig Review - Carpe Diem, Leeds, UK (15/10/2009)

    16 Oct 2009, 13:11 by footlucas

    If you would like to read a little review of our gig at Carpe Diem on 15th Oct 2009, then please direct your eyes in a Southerly direction

    We were on the bill with 2 other bands, THE M.O and Penguin (It may be plural, if so then god am i sorry).

    We sound checked with SIMILE SIMILE SIMILE, and it went smoother than a babies bum. The sound was spot on thanks to the use of both mine and Charles' amps and a competent, dread lock sporting sound man who i thought was really swell.
    Penguin were first up and although the bassist had some strange ideas about the levels of overdrive he applied to his instrument, i thought they rocked it. Guitarist and bassist shared vocal duties and this worked a treat, not a bum note all night (these would come later thanks to Luke and myself). Their songs had great dynamics and the last song they played (which they also sound checked with) sounded like a bona fide hit. I was also impressed with the guitarists solo in this song…