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  • Harfang


    March 2011
  • Sgt_Baker

    I love this song

    November 2010
  • SuckyMcCrapband

    @hazeon: And of course they would appear on the album non-consecutively. Also: I got 10/10 on a free response question on an 11th grade American History test by basically plagiarizing this song. Good times.

    July 2010
  • scott_sea

    "Song's not entirely accurate, but it still rocks :) " *Citation needed.

    May 2010
  • Tyrano

    not accurate? the mexicans could commend; what you talkin bout niggafagjewqueer

    January 2009
  • floreste

    It better HAD be accurate, it is my sole source of information about the 11th president.

    September 2008
  • beau99

    Song's not entirely accurate, but it still rocks :)

    September 2008
  • hazeon

    I dream of a double CD of nothing but songs based on presidents. Of course Grover Cleveland would need two songs.

    June 2008
  • MartinJSUK

    Who else could fit the entire presidency of such a complex man into one three-minute song? And then release it as a B-Side? Awesome.

    November 2007