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  • Avatar for arturovito
    It's streaming over at The Guardian
  • Avatar for electrobaboon
    It's the natural progression from Hidden I guess. It lacks the raw edge of songs like Attack Music or Fire-Power, but still a very enjoyable listen; I like the way these guys are going!
  • Avatar for itshayden
    you guys are making it very difficult for me to wait till release to listen
  • Avatar for lipwreck
    Jack is pretentious as fuck but i can't deny this album. was stunned on first listen, love it on second.
  • Avatar for haunaballe
    The record to end the loudness war for all times.
  • Avatar for Emveedee
    Field of Reeds is my first TNP-record and definitely not my last. It's brilliant.
  • Avatar for _ritualord
    Organ Eternal sounds sooooo Dead Can Dance! I like it a lot ...but till now I'm a bit disappointed by this new album. It does sound like Hidden, and it's ok. But some songs seem just plain experimental.
  • Avatar for _ritualord
    Love Fragment Two!
  • Avatar for BringHomeDBacon
    this new album is a fucking game changer, holy shit.
  • Avatar for DerekMcA
    new album is incredible.
  • Avatar for Crim_Rain
    The new song is great! [3]
  • Avatar for Pukkkk
    it's not what i've really expected after hearing Fragment Two... thought: it definitely takes a few steps beyond Fragment Two. it reminds me of björk & sigur ros a bit. and i remember Hidden worked for me really a year after it's release, so: let's wait and listen..... ;) the only thing i can tell now: it's an ambitious piece of work, and they are really insane, in a good sense!!! i enjoy it.
  • Avatar for paper_cow
    They are completely insane. Field of Reeds is album of the year.
  • Avatar for skeletocat
    surprisinly i really enjoy the new album.
  • Avatar for flavor_country
    idky i'm so disappointed sophie's out of the band, i'm not even sure how much she was contributing. in any case the new song is pretty amazing, field of reeds is one of the only summer releases i'm *really* looking forward to. always wondered why hidden didn't get more press back in 2010, it was so singular and memorable. tho didn't like, the NME pick it as their album of the year? big lols
  • Avatar for ainana1
    The new song is great! [2]
  • Avatar for durbanizable
    Fragment Two <3 una continuación de lo que hicieron en Hidden hace un par de años.
  • Avatar for sidewinder03
    Wow I like the new direction on "Fragment Two".
  • Avatar for pointpleasant
    a bit sad orchid/vibes are not on the tracklist - now hoping they get released as b-sides/bonus traxxx
  • Avatar for tylerstravis
    The new song is great!
  • Avatar for itshayden
    so excited
  • Avatar for Pukkkk
    TNP & BoC on the same day; june's going to be perfect! :D
  • Avatar for Pukkkk
    Fragment ❤
  • Avatar for needleofdeath
    Actually excited about the new album! :*
  • Avatar for dendryan
    can't wait.
  • Avatar for Pukkkk
    10th June... :D
  • Avatar for pointpleasant
    who is the new girl? that can´t be sophie, no?
  • Avatar for sur_fer
  • Avatar for pellitero
    A peek into the new album "[album artist=These new puritans]Field of Reeds[/album]" at
  • Avatar for skinnydrifter
  • Avatar for frengermoy
    New Album Please
  • Avatar for Luc1a
    ''We want war''! Immediately think of the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Cool song, cool band. Love)
  • Avatar for dmitryzamelin
    New album please
  • Avatar for kimilover
    they recorded the last note of their new album before christmas day,, will be soon for the new album to be released
  • Avatar for electrobaboon
    New album please.
  • Avatar for pointpleasant
    orchid and vibes are really really good. praying they get released in the future.
  • Avatar for KeithKokain
    Beat Pyramid and Hidden are genius albums, I love them both immensely and I can not wait for their next release!
  • Avatar for pointpleasant
    n ew re mix _:: Björk - Mutual Core (These New Puritans Remix) ::
  • Avatar for Pukkkk
    next album? when???
  • Avatar for _ritualord
    thanks for your suggestion, I'll check Woodkid out as well ;-)
  • Avatar for Sideways_Soul
    When I heard his song 'Iron' for the first time, I thought it was something new from TNPS...
  • Avatar for Sideways_Soul
    Woodkid sounds pretty similar, imo.
  • Avatar for pointpleasant
    all the similar artists are typical post-punk bands that in reality have little in common with tnps. can anyone recommend bands that similarly blend synths/samples with "real" instruments, have a similar aesthetic etc? the closest i´ve found would be klaxons.
  • Avatar for freezZa
    так то они охуенные
  • Avatar for manukiz
    attack music <3
  • Avatar for _ritualord
    ok, I guess something's moving. studio shot @ their website...
  • Avatar for thaynalmeida
    not exist number 8 but Numerology is great song!
  • Avatar for eX-PaXdzierzyca
    Number 8 :D
  • Avatar for StreetSpirit666
    you can use these comments as lyrics for the new album :P
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    We need a new album. We really do [7] Hidden is a true masterpiece. [2]


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