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  • Avatar for the_ryecatcher
    That's what I'm thinking too. A new album. NOW
  • Avatar for Amadis_
    We need a new album soon.
  • Avatar for bobbycrazykite
    All albums are wonderful in their own right, but 'Field of Reeds' is my favourite album of all times. It resembles a sort of dream-like state of consciousness.
  • Avatar for Evilninja1337
    what the guy below me said
  • Avatar for gnathonemus
    beat pyramid -> hidden -> field of reeds is the most breathtaking development of a band's sound and music i've ever heard. cannot wait for the next step.
  • Avatar for boogiedroid
    the real shit right here
  • Avatar for thaynalmeida
    Field of Reeds <3
  • Avatar for VadiushaKomarov
    These New Puritans ребята у вас много фанс.
  • Avatar for Walenta
    Heavypop Review:
  • Avatar for Dakota3131
    brilliant <3 I'minlove
  • Avatar for I_Sociofob
    Наверное лучшая группа которую я услышал в 2014-ом году. Все 3 альбома настолько офигенны, слов не подобрать. Field Of Reeds конечно хорош, но Hidden это что то нереальное вообще.
  • Avatar for giftedcursed
    i don't usually pay attention to the tags, but man, are they not applicable
  • Avatar for mandybula1995
    Field of Reeds - это вышка просто, не ожидал от них такого вообще. Graham Sutton постарался на славу, в правильном направлении плывут.
  • Avatar for Carlosjanderson
    These New Puritans have created one of the most cohesive albums that I have listen to; Field of Reeds
  • Avatar for theSoundfreq
    Everything about them is absolutely fantastic. I love all of their albums. V nearly brings tears into my eyes.
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Field of Reeds is a thing of beauty, it should be compulsory listening for kids at school.
  • Avatar for garnite
    they're the best and they answered my question on twitter so that pretty much guarantees lifelong allegiance.
  • Avatar for crossparallel
    It saddens me to see the shoutbox so lonely, occupied only by review ads. Thought I'd leave a shout about how beautiful and wistful Field of Reeds is, still great after hearing it so many times, and Jack is brilliant, and I'm really glad they found Elisa (:
  • Avatar for mscNOW
    Here is a review of fantastic "Field Of Reeds" published on (polish only, its good to learn new languages)
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    I can't think of anything worthwhile to say about TNP but Field of Reeds is my album of the year.
  • Avatar for peburgess
    Field of Reeds is one of my 12 albums of the year:
  • Avatar for arbiterof
    Organ Eternal in at Number 18 in our Top 100 Songs of the Year! Thoughts?
  • Avatar for Crim_Rain
    These New Puritans on the list the best in 2013:
  • Avatar for bloodmaw
    this is probably the closest thing to a "rock band" that i can tolerate nowadays
  • Avatar for levitate85
    Field Of Reeds is in our Top 100 Albums Of The Year:
  • Avatar for tchalikias
    Like 2010's 'Hidden', 'Field of Reeds' is 2013's best album - by far.
  • Avatar for WSCERB
    They've gotten better with every album.
  • Avatar for Lost_Lethal
    These New Puritans in Moscow
  • Avatar for nktsn
  • Avatar for kwokwokwo
    Сходить чтоль на них на выходных
  • Avatar for LuisOrv
    They just keep getting better.
  • Avatar for matthiasdeckx
    Really a masterpiece. Best album of 2013 so far for me.
  • Avatar for home6alien
    Do songs from the new album sound any good live? So much doubt that
  • Avatar for colorful0
    I don't really like this new album. And I loved Hidden and Beat Pyramid. This one is too experimental, too "we are making artsy music for fashion shows"
  • Avatar for Aeroaviones
    kneFX that's a great description, you know
  • Avatar for kneFX
    i like how the new album sounds like a continuation of Blue Lambency Downward
  • Avatar for theSoundfreq
    Oh god that long groan on V gives me chills. For some reason, I get extremely paranoid when I listen to this album.
  • Avatar for liamarwhite
    second best aoty thus far.
  • Avatar for Pk_Henry
    Yes, SadieSadSadist, and it's funny to read your prejudice as well. Because if someone only listens to "experimental" music must be clearly more broad-minded.
  • Avatar for baueran
    You so eclectic, Sadie.
  • Avatar for SadieSadSadist
    Its funny seeing people with limited exposure to music beyond normal alternative refer to something like Field of Reeds 'difficult'.
  • Avatar for Korova0
    their show on this year's Open'er in Gdynia was the most mystical moment of my life ;) [2]
  • Avatar for joteczkaL
    their show on this year's Open'er in Gdynia was the most mystical moment of my life ;)
  • Avatar for Korova0
    This is awesome live band
  • Avatar for TheAgunZagun
    Field of Reeds >>> Hidden > Beat Pyramid. It's just epic.
  • Avatar for Obzedat
    Absolutely mindblowing stuff.
  • Avatar for Punk-Fiction
    Field of Reeds is interesting, it's like a subdued version of Wild Beasts' 'Smother'.
  • Avatar for dejan-d
    Field of Reeds is masterpiece.Definitely my favorite album of 2013 so far!
  • Avatar for Surfacin
    Hidden and Field Of Reeds are masterpieces, Beat Pyramid is good too.
  • Avatar for Valaro


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