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Svartalfheim, in Norse mythology, is the underground domain and home of the swartalfar, or Dwarves. They are known as brilliant blacksmiths and craftsmen. They have forged Thor's hanmmer Mjollnir, Odin's spear Gungnir and ring Draupnir, Freyr's ship Skíðblaðnir, and many other weapon and magic items.

Therion's song is written in german, as dwarves and gnomes are best known from German folklore.

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The dwarves and the black elves live below the ground and in stumps and stones. Among all creatures in the universe they are the foremost blacksmiths. Deep down in the underworld they forge the treasures of gods. They use the metals from the veins of earth to create the most precious things. It has been said that this folk may be able to teach you the secret of alchemy and the knowledge of making gold out of earth.

- Gold Der Underwelt -

Therion - Schwarzalbenheim Lyrics


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  • this is one of the most evil sounding songs there will ever be :)
  • awesome
  • 666
  • Little people scare me
  • the best "AAAA" ever (miskolc version, 1:07)
  • Stunning band, stunning album.
  • Love it!
  • The best Dwarven Song ever. [3]
  • The best Dwarven Song ever. [2]

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