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Theocracy started life as a one-man project created by Matt Smith, who played and sang everything on the self-titled debut album released at the end of 2003 on MetalAges Records. The album received fantastic reviews and worldwide acclaim within the metal world.

The music epic, melodic power metal with occasional progressive flourishes. Long songs, longer songs, short songs, fast songs, slow songs, midtempo songs,…

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  • @Rokkikenguru It's because even though being atheist people enjoy very much this band despite its potilical/religion view, which I, particularly, strongly disagree from. It's like enjoying Mayhem, Burzum and most of black metal bands and not be racist.
  • They have far less overtness about the themes than the vast majority of Christian bands. Anyone that thinks Christian lyrics instantly ruin bands really won't like knowing how many subtle Christian themes are in stuff like Blindside. And I say that as an atheist. Sweet band, gonna have to look into them...think they are mutual influences with Suspyre.
  • Glad that the new album is finally under way. What little I've heard of it sound very promising.
  • I like lots of black metal and thrash metal and death metal. I don't care if band members are christians or if they look like a bunch of faggots. I'm not a christian myself but I don't like this band either, so I think this is a pointless shout.
  • @Rokkikenguru: Probably the same reason people make statements of the same nature regarding bands with other ideologies. People don't want to be associated with the ideology in question.
  • @BlindSlaves: I didn't mean to say that this band sings about that. Just that that's the political reality of theocracies. They inevitably lead to bigotry and istitutionalized discrimination.
  • Just wondering why just about everyone here has to mention that they're atheists or that they don't believe in Christianity before stating that they like the band? I feel it's not off topic but just rather pointless information. It's the same as when people say "I'm not trying to be rude but..." Anyway, I just discovered this band and instantly fell in love with it! Hopefully there'll be a new album soon.
  • Anybody knows something about an fourtly album ? already is 2014 and none news about a new album...
  • oh my god i keep racking up plays for these guys, why can i not stop listening to this
  • Amongst the most talented Power Metal groups, Theocracy sets my standards for what music is supposed to sound like. The quality of their lyrics and magnificent composition attest to Matt's talent. I only hope that the changing of their drummer works out in the end, and that they release a fourth album with lyrics as deep as the first three.

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