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This is not an artist, but appears here due to incorrectly tagged tracks for various TV theme song tracks. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do and yourself a favor. Fix your tags by putting the actual artist name in the artist field.

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  • Avatar for macychick
    Plus, it's impossible to "fix your tags" when listening on Spotify.
  • Avatar for headey1p
    How long is it going to take me to work out who composed/wrote the lyrics for/sang [track artist=Theme Songs]Walls Cornetto[/track] ?
  • Avatar for headey1p
    "So the people here have no respect for the artists who created the music....... " but presumably, if I'm just listening to lastfm radio, that means the agents & labels who have uploaded the tracks. ?? Even to 'suggest a correction' on a track might mean that a cover version ends up being played instead of a bona fide track. lastfm is full enough with covers, I'd rather they stayed on a weird page like this. ~~~~~~ I think I prefer a bit of ambiguity rather than something plain wrong. ~~~~~~ btw it isn't lastfm who uploads the pic with the message or the wiki
  • Avatar for Legioona
    Yes. I indeed do not give a flying fuck who composed such cornerstones in western pop music like ' Samurai Pizza Cats ' or ' Go Go Power Rangers '
  • Avatar for Grosseteste
    If there are theme songs whose composers aren't findable on the Internet, then fine -- it's not true of any of the first ten that I checked, though.
  • Avatar for Djowsef
    @djpauly_ Agree.
  • Avatar for djpauly_
    Last FM auto-correction works for some artist ID tags using "alphebitcally sorted" naming convention ID tags from our data-base however the Last FM auto-correction feature is hit and miss at best. A feature should be added here to allow users to edit the Last FM on-line tag instead of suggesting that users "...correct artist name in your file's ID3 tags to aviod or duplicate artists..." right.
  • Avatar for WeihnachtsWolf
    v here are at least three people who will fix your tags because of course, they know every artist of every theme song!
  • Avatar for Shortcot
    So the people here have no respect for the artists who created the music they claim to like. Unpleasant. And if you're too lazy to tag correctly, why bother using [3]
  • Avatar for Wakabajashij

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