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  • Avatar for flyingrobots
    good tunes....embaaaaaarrassing vocals
  • Avatar for oldpink
    fuck me in the ass
  • Avatar for jamesbeesley
    Future Sandwich is getting a re-release on CD and Cassette:
  • Avatar for jamesbeesley
  • Avatar for dr_bun
    its free to download you onion
  • Avatar for jake_sever
    Anyone know where I can get Vagina Monologues? I only have Future Sandwich.
  • Avatar for ticklishgio
    Interpunk is selling future sandwich for six bucks. get it while you can i ordered mines
  • Avatar for RadarMusic
  • Avatar for TheJuggerKnott
    My little D*** just got so soft. This band is the ross (the boss)
  • Avatar for ticklishgio
    Theres a shit load of bands that sound like this the bulletproof tiger, the para-medics, loose lips sink ships, the littlest viking, diving, dios trio, giraffes? giraffes!, manacle, parmesano, she looks like a horse, swims, lite, and 3nd
  • Avatar for allbadendsall
    Ugh, I miss this band so much. Does anyone know of any other projects these guys have been in? The only one I know of is Drawing Trees.
  • Avatar for BubbaDude117
    love the jazz influence
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    this ma shiiiit
  • Avatar for RowdyMouse
    holy fuck this shits amazing! :D
  • Avatar for larry_closecall
    god damn i wish they were still around!
  • Avatar for Mike_Collie
    Them, Roaringtwenties -
  • Avatar for hulud77 User:hulud77, krakk, ronaldo12 Leave a command !!!! THANX :)
  • Avatar for allbadendsall
    wish this was still a band :(
  • Avatar for mrstuprigge
    forgot about this band
  • Avatar for Steve-Mo
    So gooooood.
  • Avatar for Xeper-I-Set
    spaces are stupid
  • Avatar for allbadendsall
    It's definitely no space.
  • Avatar for buzzsawribcage
    It sucks they broke up. What a unique band
  • Avatar for maricruZZZ
    No spaces<3
  • Avatar for Kapitol21
    I like this crafty math. Future Sandwich is great
  • Avatar for DylanDutra
    I like it better without the space, so I'm going with this. Any news on new music or anything?
  • Avatar for davepriz
    i would tend to agree that it is them, roaringtwenties but im currently looking at their cd box right now and it says them, roaring twenties so im pretty sure its just whatever because they do it both ways
  • Avatar for nebuchadnezz4r
    No, Them, Roaringtwenties is right. I don't care what says.
  • Avatar for MATTPHOTOES
    I dont get that the same band?
  • Avatar for mudinveins
    reminds me of volta do mar sometimes. are they still together?
  • Avatar for allbadendsall
    "go to:" I'm guessing that's the wrong title. Would I be right?
  • Avatar for DylanDutra
    it's so weird, yet it's still that perfect sunny sunday morning poppy band. i love this fucking album.
  • Avatar for booyahachievedd
  • Avatar for allbadendsall
    I have to reorder future sandwich now.. It never came :'(
  • Avatar for nebuchadnezz4r
    Erm...don't hate on future sandwich, fagggggg... Way to turn down the cummmmin' I was doing while listening to this.:[
  • Avatar for fvgazi
  • Avatar for nebuchadnezz4r
    I came a tad while listening to Future Sandwich.
  • Avatar for wootalexftw
  • Avatar for allbadendsall
  • Avatar for victrolaaa
    these boys are some of the most amazing people I know.
  • Avatar for aflyingnat
  • Avatar for ghostship
    wow! sweeeeeeeeeet!
  • Avatar for SoStark
    I agree
  • Avatar for politicalfigure
    everyone needs to hear this band

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