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  • Druid66

    Disagree about geniuses being nuts - that's an unoriginal cliche! However, to those who are unaware of their own genius, those who are aware may seem... different. *laughs* I like how this rambles in places, it shows command and confidence on the musicians' part.

    June 2014
  • StuartHaden1

    All geniuses are nut cases. Weird and wonderful. Love Coltrane's meanderings too.

    October 2013
  • StuartHaden1

    Love it

    October 2013
  • bobgreen623

    The incomparable Thelonious Sphere Monk.

    April 2012
  • Zerubbabel413

    I like hazelnuts...with chocolate ....and coffee.....with Thelonious songs playing nearby

    March 2012
  • StuartHaden1

    Nutty as a fruit cake. Bake it, man. Rich and off key as can be, he could play a swing with a tune and tap a key with a digit or two. And Coltrane fills the gap beautifully.

    January 2012
  • dzoist

    great story about the time he was in Japan and was fitted for a suit lying in bed...

    December 2010
  • byronever

    Monk original?I doub it but anyway enjoyable

    July 2010
  • sthilearndtoday

    This isn't John Coltrane on tenor, it's Johnny Griffin.

    June 2009
  • AngelsJazztime

    I like the Basses too - waiting for Coltrane - wonder when he appears....

    June 2009
  • dadopato

    t.monk rules...

    May 2009
  • tetsuzangishu

    to StuartHaden1: but they also sooooooo different: Monk is making the gap to let fill them up while Coltrane feed with all the detail to the max to the point of no-more-room already to think ;-) But I love it. They were so different and thus completed each other.

    April 2009
  • daniseg

    viva el monje telonio

    April 2009
  • jcaii

    Just wonderful tracks . . . so glad we can listen again and again.

    March 2009
  • StuartHaden1

    and there's another nut on that sax... John Coltrane. I'm nuts about them both.

    March 2009
  • StuartHaden1

    Nutty as fruit cake? Or just plain nutty! The best nut is a walnut because it is rich in Omega three. This nut is easy to crack. It's by a wizard of jazz improvisation and inventiveness. His distinctive sound is instantly recognisable. Heard and saw him play years ago in London. He was a genius. The piano is in perfect order, that's just the way he plays on the keys.

    January 2009


    January 2009
  • LowSlowDownEasy


    January 2009
  • Amiral_E

    monky jazzy

    November 2008
  • feeffenr

    Wonderful song.

    March 2007