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Thelma Aoyama (青山テルマ), born on October 27, 1987 in Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan is a Japanese pop and R&B singer. She is part Afro-Trinidadian and Japanese.

She is famous for her collaboration song with SoulJa, "Koko ni Iru yo", and her answer song "Soba ni Iru ne". In September 2008, the Guinness World Records certified that "Soba ni Iru ne" became the best-selling digital download single in Japan with over two million "full-track" downloads (Chaku Uta Full). However, the record… read more

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  • Avatar for japonesq
    Please correct your artist tags to [artist]青山テルマ[/artist].
  • Avatar for tinosoft89
    vote for merge artist profiles: 青山テルマ
  • Avatar for Nixzky
    Last letter ♥
  • Avatar for LondonOwl7
    I would highlight that I'm not only defending romanisation, I suggest it should not be incorrect to tag in you native script, whether that be Latin, Cyrillic or Russian. I typed that note in my page after seeing a particularly frustrating thread on this topic which suggested that those not tagging 'correctly' were somehow stupid. What I will say is no, it isn't necessary for me to say that on my page, so I will take it off.
  • Avatar for LondonOwl7 calls for correct tagging as it perceives correct tagging to be, and in ignorance of the variance within the user base. Just as I am suggesting it is particularly onerous for me to tag Thelma's name in Kanji, it may be equally onerous for my Japanese counterpart to tag AN Other in Latin. My problem is that the structure would sort of censure us both for tagging in our native scripts, when what should happen is a merging of those matching pages, so that this page and the Kanji page have the same play counter.
  • Avatar for n-farious
    And since you seem to make it your mission to fight it out for romanisations on most romanised pages. "Don't be a K-Pop Nazi!" Really? Is that necessary?
  • Avatar for n-farious
    The point you seem to be missing is that calls for correct tagging. In fact, it's even stated in their [url=]FAQs[/url] ("Map to the spelling in the artist's own language and character set (if applicable).")
  • Avatar for LondonOwl7
    While we may be in a forum like setting, I should add that personal attacks are really not necessary, it is possible to disagree with someone without such venom.
  • Avatar for LondonOwl7
    That is not what I have said at all. In fact, should you wish to tag English/US or other Latin script artists in your own script that is entirely up to you. My argument is that the tagging system fails to take account of the fact that music collections exist outside of the website, it needs to be possible for people to find their music in that outside collection, and the idea that I/others are somehow destroying the website by writing someone's name in Latin script is for that reason ridiculous.
  • Avatar for n-farious
    Should we tell all Russian and Japanese users to get off the site, then? Because I/we can't read that different script, right? Congratulations on being completely bloody ignorant. It's a cute look.

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