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Sweden's I Hate Records, which issued THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN's debut album, "Primula Pestis", in early 2005, has released a statement disassociating itself from the alleged crimes committed by the group's frontman Steve McMillan (real name: Steven Wackenier).

Despite these initial claims in the media McMillan however was not charged with these crimes and was convicted of "indecent exposure". He served 9 months in…

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  • glad to see we're all just interested in the music here. +1
  • glad to see we're all just interested in the music here.
  • nearly did :-D
  • i guess you wanted to go out with a bang.
  • Hjaldrgegnir, It was bound to happen anyway..even if i didn't get arrested.I was so sick of doing it.I felt no connection with myself or the the other members anymore & i'm really glad the 2nd TPOG album never got released. There's maybe 2 songs on there i could live with. The rest was just horrible in my opinion.It was obvious that what i wanted to do & what the others wanted, were 2 completely different things (that's pretty obvious when you compare TPOG with Serpentcult). Besides my own problems i was having, the other members (except maybe the drummer) didn't come across as very sincere anymore. It was time that everything (for me) came to a halt. So 3 days after i did my contractual duties for the 2nd album, i was arrested.
  • I spent 9 months in prison & 6 months in a mandatory Psych ward,after which i was released. Not a Paedo or a danger to society (according to the Head shrink & justice department).Been out & free since December 2007. I have NO police record either or am i on some kind of register. Most of you are just gullible,sensation seekers that believe everything on the internet or the newspapers. Get used to to the fact that youwere manipulated like the sheep you all are (well,not all) Now get back to lapping up everything over at Blabbermouth.
  • i guess he gave those kids "battleburns" lolz in all seriousness the dude is a douche and i hope he stays in jail for a long time and battleburns is one of the best doom/sludge songs of all time
  • hahaha
  • http://img40.imagefra.me/img/img40/2/2/11/watchherride/f_1bi6dcrn5dlm_20525ed.jpg
  • i don't give a suck even if he raped a billions of sweet little boys or threw the bombs on Hiroshim[2]

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