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thedyingsirens is an indie rock music project from Jakarta, Indonesia, lead by Pugar Restu Julian (Uga) since 2002. He was a drummer and a founder of pop up, C’mon Lennon and Morning Bell (Radiohead cover band). He was also an additional drummer for many indie musicians/bands from Jakarta, such as Planet Bumi, Zeke and the Popo, SORE, Tika, Blossom Diary, the Sweaters, a Boy Named Santiago, Clover, Sugarstar and etc. thedyingsirens begins with Uga himself then gradually changes to be a musical collective involving many different musicians on stages or during the recording process.

thedyingsirens onstage:

Pugar Restu Julian (drums, bass, guitars, tamborine, vocals)
Stephanie Eka (vocals)
Gabriel Mayo (drums, vocals)
Branandi W Madya K (guitars)
Stephanie Eka (vocals, tamborine)
Dave Leonard Purba (keyboards)
Olivia Imelda (vocals, tamborine)
Dhendy Mawardi (guitars, vocals) Pronky Karamoy (bass)
Muhammad Orliando Roeslan (guitars)
Aldi Kresna Pagaruyung (visual doc)
Mahadevi Krisnaphari (bass)
Tania Ranidhianti (keys, vocals, guitars)
Christo Putra (drums, vocals)
Yonathan Vanco Nugrahadi (drums, guitars, sound engineer)
Hideki Taro (guitars)
Mian Meuthia (vocals, tamborine)
Hersubkhan Erdien (drums)
Ramondo Gascaro (keys, vocals)
Anda Perdana (guitars, vocals)
Ichsan Tirtana (bass, guitars)
BMPK (guitars)

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