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    28 Jan 2009, 12:15 by DerekBowie


    Odessey & Oracle
    Odessey and Oracle

    The Zombies have a sound like none other I have heard. It's piano-driven pop, of the sort I have been led to believe is called baroque pop. It's more frequently beautiful than it is "catchy", it has lyrics which aren't simplistic and don't come second to the music but rather meld perfectly with it. It tends towards the retrospective, introspective, melancholy. It fits neatly into my headspace most of the time.

    I liked harmony before, but I think the Zombies really taught me to appreciate it. I don't know enough about music to be able to articulate the difference, but I really do prefer Zombies harmonies even to those of the much-lauded Beach Boys. I think it possibly sounds more like lots of people singing together very well, rather than being almost like another instrument as The Beach Boys tend to sound. It's not exactly less polish, but it kind of is. …