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  • HKGlock4010

    OMFG this is over friggin whelming yardbirds never heard animals redone all together i am having the mother of all flashbacks chasing the dragon in a far far jungle blazing away on every level a man can insanity taken to levels never again and this was the score i gotta tell ya i was fine there and not so fine here damage was physical head still on if slightly eschewed so my fellow Warriors of the Spirit fight your good fight, revel in the fellowship of brothers and sisters in arms, care for those beside you in the fire and out, fear not the reaper i have wished more than once that he had found me then rather waiting the arrival out here and never look down on those who find their limit in the fire if you can give them a hand but never at the risk of those who fight on remember the dead give love to the wounded embrace the warriors whose spirit reaches us from the beginning connects us if we do what we know to be right whether we weep as one in defeat or glory together in our victory

    August 2010
  • PiojoPromiscuo

    this is awesome !

    July 2008
  • murphyjrocks

    For your love is a live performance, great, at least three guitars hitting those famous three chords. Ditto Heart Full Of Soul I'm Not Talking presages the Allman Brother's One Way Out

    March 2008
  • beyondwithin

    the Shapes of Things currently encoded here (Nov-21-2007) is actually Rod Stewart singing with the Jeff Beck Group. no idea how this got on a Yardbirds album!

    November 2007