• Ultimate Basslines List

    16 Aug 2009, 03:24 by pessimystica

    For about the past 30 years in alternative rock, new-wave, post-punk, goth rock, grunge, indie, & other similar genres, the following are many of my personal favorite basslines to play along to. I have included songs that helped me learn how to play the bass (in the mid 90s), songs that i personally tabbed out for myself & an online page I had up for many years (RIP, Geocities - message me if you want the tab for the linked tracks &/or with the play icon), & songs i keep coming back to to either play along or just enjoy the bass blasting thru my speakers. Sure, there could be many more, but these are specifically ones that I can play & have listened to constantly... so they are, for the most part, not exceedingly difficult, but many are very fun! I even left some of the easy ones for variety... so hopefully anyone who sees this, particularly those that play bass guitar, will find some that they enjoy as much as i have :) Also, feel free to post any of your personal favorites below that could fit this list. …