• Epiphany

    22 Aug 2010, 19:14 by PaparazziSnake

    Earlier this summer, Fearless Records released a 2010 Summer Sampler that included some songs from the bands on their label. Some of the bands included Breathe Carolina, A Skylit Drive, and Mayday Parade. When I got the sampler, I only listened to the songs from the bands that I was really familiar with, so I was only really listening to a couple of the songs.

    As some people might now, Fearless Records has quite a few screamo bands on their label and although I really like screamo music, I haven't been listening to it a whole lot lately. I was thinking about that and decided to make a screamo playlist, which is where I went through all of my iTunes library and pulled out all of the screamo songs I have, including the ones from the Summer Sampler.

    I listened to my new playlist all of yesterday and as I was listening to it, a song called "Epiphany" by The Word Alive came on. "Epiphany" was a song from the Summer Sampler and although I knew I had it, I never actually took the time to listen to it. …