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    23 Mar 2008, 10:21 by Asp85

    Asp Bites' Tunes of the Week 2008 - #12

    Cast your mind back, dedicated readers, to TOTW 21st October 2008. I selected one track that was getting a bit of exclusive airplay, because I heard it and thought it was completely exceptional. 5 Months later, it's back, and was last week's Radio2 Record of the Week. It's going to be released on 14th April.

    I contemplated if I could make it a TOTW again, as it's already been one. But, as it's really a song from this year, of course I could:
    Ben's Brother - Kiss Me Again (Stuttering) is mentioned by a few people to sound very much like Snow Patrol. I completely agree, and may raise a hint of Keane. So, it's pretty predictable, but overall it's not a bad song.
    What makes it such a good song is knowing Jamie Hartman's past. It's not an offensive song, it's a reflective song, as Jamie himself had a speech impediment when he was younger. The ability to work this stuttering into the song is a great talent…