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The Wizar'd is Doom Metal band from Australia (Hobart, Tasmania) formed in 2004.

No Swing. No Groove. Get Fucked.

Band Members: ~ Ol' Rusty Vintage Wizard Master (Vocals / Guitar) ~ Blackie the Crimson Heretic of a Thousand Eyes (Guitar) ~ Angie Liebling (Bass) ~ Iron Tyrant (Drums)

Discography: ~ LIVE WITCHERYVENOMETAL - Doom Metal Horror (Demo) 2004 ~ Worship Me! (Demo) 2005 ~ Horned Lord (Single) 2005 ~ Follow the Wizard (EP) 2006 Rusty Axe Records ~ Smouldering Sinners (Single) 2007 Rusty Axe Records ~ Killing Ourselves to LIVE! (Live Album… read more

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  • Avatar for Quantic_Dream
    What a godsend! These guys are really awesome!
  • Avatar for Procreation
  • Avatar for BarbarianWrath THE WIZAR'D "Ancient Tome Of Arcane Knowledge" CD (WRATH051) -- Delving ever deeper into the proverbial "Ancient Tome Of Arcane Knowledge" Tasmania's very own THE WIZAR'D remain on their path to reveal facets of Metal hithero hidden to the eyes, ears and minds of even the more devoted members of the circle of occult Doom Metal fans. Besides the 6 track studio album (34 minutes) this CD also features a full live show recorded on Friday, September 13th 2013 CE that will surely cause you to "Turn To Evil"... Released in February 2014 CE. Check for further sound files. Available @
  • Avatar for BarbarianWrath
    Alright, I now (finally) have finished masters for: UPWARDS OF ENDTIME "Beyond Infinity" DoubleCD (WRATH059), HELLSODOMY "Sodomy Is Nigh" CD (WRATH064), DANTESCO "Venancio" CD (WRATH065) and BLOOD STORM "The Atlantean Wardragon" CD (WRATH066). With AMON "Brána Do Pekla" CD (WRATH061), DANTESCO "We Don't Fear Your God" CD (WRATH060) and ILLEGAL BODIES "Mindflayers" CD (WRATH058) released earlier in 2015 and SARDU "Standing At The Precipice" CD (WRATH062) and MEGIDDO "The Holocaust Messiah" CD (WRATH063) in print right now things are shaping up for an interesting Summer :) Follow us into the eternal fire @
  • Avatar for the_rocknrollah
    Awesome doom/heavy or trad.doom band! "Pathways Into Darkness" <3
  • Avatar for BarbarianWrath
    Tick... tock... tick... tock... Time's ticking away on our Samhain sale. We're roughly 9 hours into this and the club-hooved Witch already aquired enough orders for me to spend half of next week in line at the post office *groan* Remember, all CDs released by BARBARIAN WRATH, WITCHES BREW and NAZGULS EYRIE are only 6.66 EUR until Midnight CET today. 15 hours to goat as of right now ! 6.66 EUR = 8.38 USD = 5.24 GBP = 9.50 AUD = 931 JPY = 20 BRL Order right now @
  • Avatar for skrilava23
    fala van ljudi
  • Avatar for morphinewaltz
    Review of their latest album:
  • Avatar for BarbarianWrath
    It's time for some serious Spring Cleaning in the glorified office we like to call our "warehouse". It's 40 % off on pretty much everything so now would be the prefect time to go forth and complete your WITCHES BREW and BARBARIAN WRATH collections. Support the Underground and share this to the ends of the Earth and beyond the Gates of Hell !
  • Avatar for wizardsbong
    Good news! And thanks for the unusually rapid response. I keep playing one of the new songs on YouTube over and over - can't wait to hear the full thing.

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