• [59] The Who - My Generation (1965)

    3 Nov 2008, 23:06 by Llorenza

    The Who - My Generation

    I could be very short about this album: the drums!

    But I can do better than that. The guitar sound is great, and of course there's Roger Daltrey who can do a lot of (great) things with his voice. The keyword to this album is variation. From pop songs (Out in the Street) to soul covers (Please, Please, Please, I Don't Mind: the James Brown original is better, but Roger Daltrey's voice comes pretty close and of course James Brown didn't have crazy drums like this) to The Rolling Stones (The Good's Gone) to anthems (My Generation, the stuttering never stops being fantastic) to funny songs (A Legal Matter, La-La-Lies) and so on... This album is never boring.

    And there is Keith Moon. I do not pretend to know a lot about good drumming. I like Meg White's drumming, but apparently she's really bad. But hey, one would have to be an idiot not to hear that the big star on this album is the drummer. The drums finish (and lead) the songs and make this outstanding music. …