• 2007 in music listening, part 2

    31 Dec 2007, 03:35 by therabidwombat

    This entry series is about the music I listened to in 2007. It includes:

    1) 10 top artists at the end of 2007 (play based, time based)
    2) Top artist and track for each week of the year (in the case of a more than two way tie, whichever one is randomly on top is selected)
    3) Albums I bought in 2007 (this list will be long)
    4) My thoughts on the music that I heard that was new to 2007.
    5) Tracks played as of the moment this entry was finished

    June 4th-June 10th:
    Top Artist: Queen/Odds (tied with 7 listens)
    Top Track: Big White Wall (1 listen, tied with every other track from that week)

    June 11th-June 17th:
    Top Artist: Ram Jam (77 listens)
    Top Track: Bucket "T" (9 listens)

    June 18th-June 24th:
    Top Artist: Kaiser Chiefs (99 listens)
    Top Track: Grace Kelly (17 listens)

    June 25h-July 1st:
    Top Artist: Tears for Fears (249 listens)
    Top Track: Los Reyes Católicos (33 listens)

    July 2nd-July 8th:
    Top Artist: Kaiser Chiefs (97 listens)
    Top Track: Highroyds (7 listens)

    July 9th-July 15th: