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The Who by Numbers
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The Who by Numbers



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  • UPDATE: A couple days later and this one really has its hooks in me. Listened to it all the way through twice in the car today and now listening to it again at home. "However Much I Booze" is probably my top track here, with "How Many Friends," "Slip Kid" and "Dreaming from the Waist" all right behind.
  • Hmm, this one's starting to grow on me. I've been a Who fan since my dad gave me his Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy tape when I was like 11 or 12 and in the (many) years since when my collection has come to include every Who album live and studio, some bootlegs, etc., I've always regarded this as a lesser effort from them, but pretty recently something seems to have clicked. The band seems kind of tired and depressed here (except on the radio favorite "Squeeze Box"), so since I'm an aging depressive perhaps that's what I'm responding to favorably. Also as gokunirvana said, this is probably Pete's finest hour as a writer of lyrics. I'm not ready to call it one of the band's best, though... yet.
  • Not a bad effort, but not one of their better ones. There's some cool songs on here (Slip Kid being the best by far, but many of them are just meh. It does have interesting lyrics though.
  • My first Who album on LP !
  • There's something missing on this album. It sounds so simple when you compare it with the other 70's records. Maybe because it isn't so synth-driven, and was the only one which didn't start as a rock opera. Pete's lyrics here, however, are some of the best he ever wrote. Those dark, introspective verses are pure poetry. "How Many Friends", "Dreaming From the Waist" and "They Are All in Love" are some of my favorite Who tunes, as well. Perfect lyrics, perfect rhythm, some of Roger's best performances ever. This may be one of the best Who albums. By the way, I meant "Blue, Red and Grey" in my last shout. Silly me.
  • Without any doubt, my favourite Who record.
  • My third favorite Who album after Quadrophenia and Who's Next. This is Pete's most intimate effort as a songwriter.
  • Well, at first I always saw this as a failed attempt to make a solo album by Pete. But every song seems to need every member to bring them to life, except Red, Blue and Grey which is basically a Pete's solo song. I agree with everyone, it's a really underrated Who album.
  • Fuck, I tried doing this and now there's magic marker all over my monitor..
  • So underrated, It has completely awesome songs like dreaming from the waist, squeeze box (everyone hates this one but it's really funny), slip kid, Blue red & grey, Imagine a man & They're all in love, one of the best albums

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