• Call for help: Goodbye Songs

    14 May 2008, 00:37 by soundtrekkie

    I have a friend who is leaving Oregon soon to return to Wisconsin for the summer and then on to Peru for a ESL teaching position. Over the two years I've known her, she's become a really good friend and I'm definitely going to miss her. Why? For things like this:

    She's been an enthusiastic part of my local music appreciation things since I started them here. Never missing a meeting, she's brought a lot of fun songs to the group and, when it was her turn to pick a theme, she asked that it be songs for her to remember her time with us by. Awwww....

    Of course, I'm having a tough time deciding. Possible options so far? She's a huge TMBG fan so I've thought about The End of the Tour because I'm hoping she'll come back to Oregon at the end of her world tour.

    I don't want to bring a song that's too sad and it'd be nice for it to be a good driving song since she'll be driving back to Wisconsin. I don't mind sappy as long as it's not too weird coming from me. There's the new Weepies song, Just Blue that could work.