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    26 Nov 2006, 19:19 by jjlook

    I am trying to popularize a tag....
    This is for music that is exactly, sometimes painfully accurate to a time in your life...
    is loaded with them...Be Honest (sample: "If we're really going to be honest, we might as well be brief")
    What Have I Said Now?, but most of all Thanks, is the re-visiting sex with your ex song. This whole album is about getting together/fucking up/breaking up/fucking up in a new way.
    The year it came out, Too Far To Care was entirely true and we listened to it constantly at home with my roommate and at the restaraunt where I toiled with other disaffected youngsters. And Melt Show is the perfect song of will-this-crush-go-somewhere-or-will-it-just-break-me. It perfectly catches how ridiculously overinflated things are when you're 21, even when you're moderately self-aware; and the whole album is nicely Texas+rock without being put-on.
    Crazy Rhythms
    is another perfect early to mid twenties album…