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  • Avatar for a_speckledbird
    listen to this song, and then go listen to "my dinner with andy" by astronautalis.'re welcome. :) (andrew bothwell appreciates this great band, too!)
  • Avatar for recursivechaos
    some of these lyrics are astoundly on point. doesn't feel okay, though
  • Avatar for John187Doe
    amazing lyrics [2]
  • Avatar for NickWire77
    amazing lyrics
  • Avatar for dees37
    love this song
  • Avatar for NickWire77
    the weakerthans never disappoint
  • Avatar for GDAutumnMay
    I feel like I'm ALWAYS "leaning on this broken fence between past and present tense"!
  • Avatar for nopuppet
    And I'm leaning on this broken fence Between past and present tense And I'm losing all those stupid games That I swore I'd never play but it feels okay, good words
  • Avatar for cliche_tragedy
    I almost forgot how much this song used to mean to me... and still does, just in a different way now.
  • Avatar for WillShogren
    walking down memory lane.
  • Avatar for daydreamer5902
    man.... this song takes me back.
  • Avatar for jmlear27
    these guys may write the best lyrics of any band. hands down.
  • Avatar for rethan12
    GAWD I love this song.
  • Avatar for MusicQuizKing75
    best one-liners in this one.
  • Avatar for guru_mosh
    In love with love & lousy poetry!
  • Avatar for DamianSmash
    My favorite!
  • Avatar for doe77
    So good...And I'm leaning on this broken fence between past and present tense
  • Avatar for dwpritchard
    It's hard to pick a best Weakerthans song, but if I were forced at gunpoint to choose, this just might be it.
  • Avatar for arrgghh
    @gburt820 everything you wanna do has allready been done ;)
  • Avatar for gburt802
    heh i was gonna name my blog "between past and present tense" and then found out that there were already four blogs named that
  • Avatar for delikatesse
  • Avatar for initiale
    i would say, it's one of the best songs ever.
  • Avatar for whewtles
    i will never get tired of this song.
  • Avatar for ShaneMF
    Still the best song ever.
  • Avatar for watthead
    RIP Andrew Ethan Lombardi. 05.04.1979 - 22.09.2004
  • Avatar for judochopjosh
    As much as I love their newer stuff... this song is still incredible.
  • Avatar for adaam2
    I'm guessing the title 'Aside' refers to a theatrical Aside?
  • Avatar for oldskoolnsh
    love this song
  • Avatar for tchaos1978
    I never think of this when thinking about my fav song but i think it just may be!
  • Avatar for playgr0undlove
    one of my favorite bands everrrrrrr. <3
  • Avatar for Anneromkelientj
    there really good live!!
  • Avatar for bondilover
    so good!!! love it!!!
  • Avatar for lightfilter
    and i AM leaning on this broken fence between past and present tense... and i do rely a bit too heavily on alcohol and irony
  • Avatar for lightfilter
    beyond awesome.
  • Avatar for kathaaa
    love. lovelovelove.
  • Avatar for cecil19
    Happy to see other people share my addiction. I always have some Weakerthans song stuck in my head (happily stuck). 10000/10
  • Avatar for zooey_glass
    I thought I would be over this song by now. I don't know if I'm in arrested development or what but I've loved it for years and I still love it.
  • Avatar for Cynnecynne
    I love the flow of this song and how natural the rhyming is. One of my favorites.
  • Avatar for Pyko616
  • Avatar for seanmurphy07
    Lyrically genius. So much like a me I once was...and sometimes still am.
  • Avatar for ReDStAR_UNiT
    this song is sex
  • Avatar for quercusrenatus
    there best song ever!
  • Avatar for whenkaciattacks
    agreed. definitely their best. : ]
  • Avatar for roterpunkt
    their best song ... imo ... <3
  • Avatar for MentalCabaret
    best song. EVER. full stop.
  • Avatar for exsplusohs
    Beautiful. The Weakerthans are Love.
  • Avatar for Rohender16
    10 out of 10
  • Avatar for dol1parts
    love song
  • Avatar for watthead
    I do rely a bit too heavily on alcohol and irony.
  • Avatar for topshelfsquad


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