• August M!X 09

    25 Aug 2009, 08:48 by _nadia

  • Most played albums of 2008

    1 Jan 2009, 21:59 by pecusita

    Once again, most played albums of this past year. Sorted based on average plays and listed in countdown fashion to make it look a bit more fun and keep you gripping onto your seat until the very end!!!!!! Ok, got a little carried away there, but it’s better when you are scrolling through the unexpected, wondering: “oh, who could possibly be number one?”

    Average plays = Total Plays / Total tracks in the album

    Only full lengths have been included. I will briefly tell you what I liked and disliked about each album… yes, no one is perfect. As well as highlight my top 3 most played songs and which track was left behind.

    15. Johnny Foreigner - Waited Up 'til It Was Light
    Played 305 times – averaged 23 plays per track

    This was the most fun album of the year for me. Good old fashioned pop punk with a seriously heavy dose of catchiness to go around the world for 3 times and keep going!

    With a 14 song track list, some songs are catchier than others and you could feel like you’ve are being given too much of the same formula…
  • The Walkmen - You & Me

    12 Nov 2008, 05:04 by pecusita

    The Walkmen - You & Me

    Quite often it seems that artists don't spend any thought on their physical releases, not even their album covers. To me, a cover is supposed to summarize the music, something inviting to make you want to spend some time with it. Think of solo artists who often have a mere close-up of their faces, it only sends one message: "this album is about me". What does that tell me about the music? What is the point of listening?


    Why the rant, you are wondering. Just pause and take a good look at that cover. When you see it you are immediately struck by that old-fashioned atmosphere that The Walkmen often put into their music, but it also seems intimate, romantic and somewhat melancholic. The sight of two women apparently engaged in a colloquial and mundane conversation could actually do little to capture the beauty in these songs…