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  • Avatar for LanaDuques
    Love it <3
  • Avatar for Argie41
    Nothing wrong with Mary Jane...soooo sweet
  • Avatar for Phil_PorcoDio
    In the beginning I thought that this will be a cover of a Megadeth-Song
  • Avatar for rickrique
    sooo very good :))
  • Avatar for himynameisajjb
    i chuckled when i saw the song title and the name of the band...hehehe...plants...
  • Avatar for crimsonwolf1818
    gettin sum
  • Avatar for kmc12
  • Avatar for Silverwidow84
    Man, about 5 songs in a row all from my College days!! NOSTALGIA!!!
  • Avatar for FooVines
    one of the most beatiful tracks ive ever heard
  • Avatar for HelgiSteins
    A love song about marijuana.
  • Avatar for jamesosaurus
    the version i have is about 50 seconds shorter because it's live at triple j and it is awesome
  • Avatar for AvoidTheCheese
    mary jane marrrayy jane head
  • Avatar for bluedive
    very nice, one of the classic!
  • Avatar for HiBECCI
    That type of energy I look at and wonder how the hell u f do it. Great guitar, and vocals, and bass, and am I forgetting percussive sound could be good now and again. It does choose this way of life, just wondering, I am kind of tidy myself yet I can not be blamed if I dream of chaos. Ot will visit soon I suppose. kudos be nice guys now
  • Avatar for cocobarracha
    probably wont tire of this song.
  • Avatar for GMT66
    great vibe
  • Avatar for emcool333
    love love love this track!!^__^
  • Avatar for ninizzle
    I ♥ MARY JANE.
  • Avatar for illusionvalley
    Maaaaryyyy Jaaaane, Maaaaary Jaaane..
  • Avatar for shalamatisse
  • Avatar for Marcusml333
    Mary Jane ftw.
  • Avatar for Mateolero
    Wooooow i'm relaz men! exelent song :D
  • Avatar for Clackers
    Nice vocals in this track. But all in all, The Vines annoy me.
  • Avatar for razcom
  • Avatar for MalvadaNinaFina
  • Avatar for thebetterkatie
  • Avatar for razcom
    Seriously, this song is fucking amazing [2]
  • Avatar for Dylbear
    Seriously, this song is fucking amazing. The Vines are incredibly underrated.
  • Avatar for imcuminin
    hehe love =)
  • Avatar for aurorita_93
    woaah ii likee thids :D
  • Avatar for Ms_IndianSummer
    amazing band:)
  • Avatar for corky64
    Brilliant track....d-.-b...<3
  • Avatar for sandilyon
    es tan bella tan bella tan bellaaaaa
  • Avatar for RickyKobai
    i love the cock
  • Avatar for Chillyam
  • Avatar for elise30
    Hello, sorry about last night dude. Had to drive down to Phillip Island last night. Wish I could of stayed. Phil Para was awesome!! Funny all the oldies were dancing & moshing. That band you saw, does the lead singer like hump the microphone stand when he sings? Cause, they looked familiar. Think I've seen them before at the espy in the basement. Cause, I think they reckonised me. I wasn't their for that long though. That lesbian security guard at the espy ( won't call her a bouncer) cause you could push her & she would just tip over. Hahahaha. She kept staring at me. She's a freak!!
  • Avatar for mad_grinder
    very nice.
  • Avatar for Focalizar
    Craig I LUV YOU U.U Come to Chile guys I beg you!
  • Avatar for rustystake
  • Avatar for hombre_percebe
    suena muy bien
  • Avatar for ZiggyDog
    Great song. It gives you the shivers, lifting yo up and droping gently.
  • Avatar for Grunge_FrEaK
    amazing song...
  • Avatar for marsaday
    gorgeous song,so dreamy
  • Avatar for joe-b
    I feel stoned just listening to it!
  • Avatar for june-k
    so stunningly beautiful.
  • Avatar for fuuuran
    Life's a wait, I already knew
  • Avatar for sambospud
    i bloody love the vines
  • Avatar for msdebs
    i loooove this song..<3
  • Avatar for atmosboy
    i weeent to theee mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
  • Avatar for Ritsukakn
    i LOVE this song


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