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  • Avatar for Sunshine1984
    hide_and_seek_ - nicely written! I agree. Although I love a few more songs from the The Verve than just this one. Funny thing - when I listen to the chorus I want to make it louder every single time. :)
  • Avatar for hide_and_seek_
    this is the only song by verve i truly love, and it's special, because it'll always, always, always and forever remind me of someone. it's kind of magical when a song reminds you of someone, isn't it? it's an irreversible connection - and oh, so wonderful.
  • Avatar for S-u-l-l-i-v-a-n
    Kick ass single. Their last great song.
  • Avatar for dogsechoes
    Live at Glastonbury 2008 so good!
  • Avatar for MayaBee5
  • Avatar for jovencitapaz
    RIchard ashcroft TE AMO.
  • Avatar for NeoOneNil
    Ooh ooh, aah aah ha - monkeys sounds? Human? DO NOT rock on $cience/Big Pharma.
  • Avatar for benmalmesbury
  • Avatar for NeoOneNil
    walk on soles made in CHINA = there's no other way BLUR . .. ... rock on COMMUNISM FTW ....
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    cool (2)
  • Avatar for y0803
  • Avatar for star_shaped_man
    One of their greatest tracks! The Moog/Synth arpeggio makes it for me!
  • Avatar for WarriorJones
    The squeaks remind me of Kenny from South Park talking.
  • Avatar for Ciuciuvara
    I don't usually enjoy the Verve.. but this is great (3)
  • Avatar for nicorebel
  • Avatar for Tangarinna
  • Avatar for grintodeath
    all...please purchase Storm in Heaven for Verve at their finest
  • Avatar for gaby_beatie
    so amazing =D
  • Avatar for fluffygrue
    Hm. The squeaks sound like Orville. Only just realised this.
  • Avatar for monterey77
    sounds a bit odd
  • Avatar for Freynow
    Vocals are amazing!
  • Avatar for DaftPunk4Ever
    Love it of course!
  • Avatar for nicky420ad
    im young but i like this kina music
  • Avatar for dougiebauer
    I like it
  • Avatar for silvasonicsurfa fact this is my favourite of theirs......
  • Avatar for The_Scientist89
    wow! it's cool! <3
  • Avatar for blietzkriegb0p
    love is noise, love is pain
  • Avatar for silvasonicsurfa
    I don't usually enjoy the Verve.. but this is great (2)
  • Avatar for LocoThom
    I don't usually enjoy the Verve.. but this is great :)
  • Avatar for krebjas
  • Avatar for ms_creep
    I fucking love this song. One of the greatest songs of all time.
  • Avatar for XanderHarris
    By now, I love this way more than Bittersweet Symphony. It's just... <3
  • Avatar for dogsechoes
    Don't know why i waited too long to add this one to my favourite :(
  • Avatar for Pandoramouth
    Super Sach für junge Leut!
  • Avatar for Nochek
  • Avatar for issadora1
    absolutely love this song, Richard Ashcroft is genius.....
  • Avatar for WarriorJones
    Anyone who dislikes this song has sex with sea otters.
  • Avatar for shizzlemonky
    Not buying that sample in the back ground and I get verse historically - it still have some moaning soul but repartition is not the way forward...
  • Avatar for XanderHarris
    So good and intense and beautiful it almost hurts.
  • Avatar for juplon
    great album, great cover, the best from The Verve. I have this album from contest i radio. I feel so fucking graet !!!
  • Avatar for ManCalled7Sun
    Ohh really? My god! It's terrible what you are saying! : P
  • Avatar for warmsummernight
    one of their worste ... sry
  • Avatar for ManCalled7Sun
    Love is these blues that I'm singing again!!!
  • Avatar for nobody_told_me
    Went through all the comments here and I noticed some undeserved bashing on this one going on here just because it doesn't sound like old Verve. I personally think this is a great song - so simple, yet works so well in what it's meant to be, Richard Ashcroft is a genius!
  • Avatar for jammyofstafford
    So The Verve have reformed then split again i,m gutted but at least we,ve been left with this and another awesome album and i got to see them at The V Festival where the crowd went mad and danced their arses off during a thunderstorm great memories
  • Avatar for jsebastiano
    love is noise, love is pain
  • Avatar for diibaa
    this is just incredible!
  • Avatar for shizzlemonky
    great tune the best I've heard Ashcroft actually sing sing!!
  • Avatar for eIegantelephant
    reminds me of a chapter in my life . . .
  • Avatar for Soap_Music
    gets on my nervs.... this uha uha uha...


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