• adomay

    absolute classic

    August 2010
  • vaguelyhumanoid

    Might be the first punk song.

    July 2010
  • Sibo77

    This song... I can't describe my mood that morning at 3AM when I first heard it, insomnia, sleep deprivation, dryness, run run run. Whoah.

    June 2010
  • surferrosa65

    great noise rock solo!!!

    June 2010
  • robertsona_last

    greatest guitar solo ever

    May 2010
  • maggotick569

    greatest guitar solo ever made.

    May 2010
  • AlanLaidlaw

    @aml25 I believe Brian Eno said it.

    April 2010
  • megajosh2

    Take a drag or two... why would you need to when you're listening to this?

    April 2010
  • aml25

    @pipeshmonster > whered you get this info?

    April 2010
  • halopumpkinking

    ive taken a drag or two in that park....

    March 2010
  • corky64

    Great track....<3

    March 2010
  • seekbrothers

    Great band.

    February 2010
  • bryantee

    It does kind sound like something off of Highway 61.

    December 2009
  • antidarby

    Great song, great band.. Love it. Except Nico..

    December 2009
  • RReneeElizabeth

    I think that the reason many people love their music is because it tends to burn a strong memory of what they were doing arround the time they heard it.

    November 2009
  • easteruprising1

    takes me back - oh yea run run run .........

    November 2009
  • affectionately4

    fuckin great. heaven. help me.

    November 2009
  • jimmystagger

    When I was in my mid-teens I got this album from the old Columbia Music CD club thing as a freebie, because I was very curious as to what was going on with this band I kept seeing on the t-shirts of older kids in New York City. Worked out...

    November 2009
  • selamlarvi

    I love VELVET UNDERGROUND is the beeest !

    November 2009

    Union Square (!)...not TOO far from where the first Factory was (or Max's Kansas City for that matter...)

    November 2009
  • darksungrim777

    Love love love love love this song.

    October 2009
  • Nochek


    October 2009
  • naxapinu

    1 of the best trax ever made

    September 2009
  • naxapinu


    September 2009
  • Sizzyneck


    September 2009
  • godonnygo

    Probably the first noise-rock song ever, but that depends on if it was recorded before "European Son" or "Black Angel's Death Song".

    September 2009
  • OliverTho


    August 2009
  • smokingelvis

    take your jacket too

    August 2009
  • jjarichardson

    It sounds kind of like Highway 61 Revisited. Whatever the case, you've inspired me.

    August 2009
  • mauerbluemchen0

    Sounds sooo much like Highway 61 Revisited....love 'em both though

    July 2009
  • TheOnlyRoc

    you got to run run run run run

    June 2009
  • rted

    Run run run....... great

    May 2009
  • PrinceDaniel07

    This song has strange solos. Awesome.

    May 2009
  • sweara38

    With commas or without, it's still an excellent track :D

    April 2009
  • Rissacakes

    Mmm. I love VU. ;D

    November 2008
  • PresidentLeever

    Beardless harry, what a waste

    November 2008
  • Jorg0hno

    mirate algo de lou reed. Vicious te molara.

    September 2008
  • badoom_bum

    I don'h have a slightest clue what the lyrics are about, but RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!

    September 2008
  • courtofmiracles


    August 2008
  • prosopagnosia

    When she turned blue, all the angels screamed!

    August 2008
  • HummeriMies

    Awesome song.

    July 2008
  • mehlindah

    Run run run run run!

    January 2008
  • ineptpupil

    the velvet underground was so underrated for being so avant-garde and ecumenical.

    December 2007
  • svidalis

    Hi Last.HQ & everyone - G*L*A*D to find you ALL :-)

    November 2007
  • luishernando

    The Strokes cover of this isn't this song, it's called Sagganauts. I mean, it has different lyrics and everything, just a slight scream of Run Run Run in the chorus. So I don't understand the whole ruining thing.

    October 2007
  • all4nihil

    one of the most fun to sing along to.

    September 2007
  • nickwafer

    the strokes covered this?

    August 2007
  • like_a_spatula

    I went down to Union Square today and GOT THIS SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD.

    May 2007
  • luishernando

    Probably my favorite of Nico.

    May 2007
  • Narut03

    I like this song and the strokes cover of it.

    April 2007