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  • Avatar for Heat_w
    Nice sleeping pill...
  • Avatar for Robesko
    This is basically the first Lou Reed's solo album, it has nothing of the previous two. Still a great album though.
  • Avatar for hessel-z
    This is insane, all of the VU albums are among the best albums ever.
  • Avatar for yxnarbo
    This is just staggering.
  • Avatar for VadiushaKomarov
    rating 10/10
  • Avatar for rhayader18
    @sbes114: If we want to be rational about it , yes, it's the best album of all time... I'm a crazy person and as much as I love this, I love WL/WH even more.
  • Avatar for Tymbolic
    if you don't like this you should be punched in the mouth
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    up there with loaded as the worse VU album, well done
  • Avatar for sbes114
    ok so i've said it 50,000 times but this is the best album of all time no?
  • Avatar for Maglor_T
    All this time I thought he was holding a guitar, not a magazine. [2]
  • Avatar for Supercoolguy64
    damn, almost forgot how much i love After Hours
  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    @Spacer Well, you got your wish. The 45th anniversary "super deluxe" edition of this album is arguably even better than the similarly comprehensive packages for the debut and White Light/White Heat. I love this album. When I first started listening to this band, it was this record that got me into them; the earliest stuff was a little too noisy and/or atonal and/or "weird" for me at the time, but this one was (and is) just a collection of incredible songs. Who would've thought after the cacophony of White Light/White Heat that these guys could be capable of an album of such generally quiet beauty? It's remained a favorite of mine in the many years since.
  • Avatar for OcellatedGod
    One of the best albums ever. Fact. [6]
  • Avatar for silverlage
  • Avatar for musicmisc
    this is a pretty boring album
  • Avatar for butt-plugsuit
    All this time I thought he was holding a guitar, not a magazine.
  • Avatar for Rezzo64
    A good quality soundset gives this album so much more justice
  • Avatar for rhayader18
    One of the best albums ever. Fact. [5]
  • Avatar for rhayader18
    The Closet Mix is even more awesome.
  • Avatar for Spacer-
    Hoping there will be a Super Deluxe Edition this year in the line of the 2 previous albums! Would be very nice to have such a third nice deluxe book on the rack :-).
  • Avatar for Estranged_Ann
    One of the best albums ever. Fact. [4]
  • Avatar for BanconIsGood
  • Avatar for Lilmedonster
    very enjoyable
  • Avatar for k_naruchiha94
    One of the best albums ever. Fact. [3]
  • Avatar for Punching_joe
    proto twee pop
  • Avatar for megajosh2
    I don't think I've ever heard anything which sounds so close to pop music that was this fucking PERFECT. GOD
  • Avatar for roldki
    Wonderful, but someone screwed up the track listing here.
  • Avatar for bander_az
    One of the best albums ever. Fact. [2]
  • Avatar for ellepharaoh
    Good for a hangover.
  • Avatar for hulkson
    The Murder Mystery es LA cación.
  • Avatar for GreenKamo
    Good stuff. So much more accessible and just as satisfying to listen to.
  • Avatar for RockBottomRiser
    One of the best albums ever. Fact.
  • Avatar for Andrey_Romanov
  • Avatar for thommyrotten
    "as if the previous albums documented some manic, speed-fueled party and this was the subdued morning after." - spot on
  • Avatar for zhelnerovich
    I like how most people tagged "The Velvet Underground & Nico" as just "The Velvet Underground"
  • Avatar for hellcatshalala
    flawless album.
  • Avatar for prominence_la
    Waking up to this album. A very serene and blissful morning.
  • Avatar for drthatguy
    love the recording quality, it sounds so intimate. the songs are brilliant too, of course.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    but I can't
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    I want to write songs like these
  • Avatar for wholovesthesun-
    I could live in this album.LIVE I TELL YOU!
  • Avatar for RockBottomRiser
    This is album is flawless. Amazing. There Best.
  • Avatar for JackPat123
    What's with the track-listing? I see songs from & Nico...
  • Avatar for Banoony
    love this album, in a totally different way from the debut but almost as much. it's pure, simple, great music.
  • Avatar for mgpixlab
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    being the typical 'first 2 albums >>> life' TVU fan, this one was actually far more of a grower than anything off of WL/WH or the debut, but its quality reveals itself with time.
  • Avatar for Benrachmian
    @iPaxR You don't know what you're talking about
  • Avatar for dinamiteg
    @fleshballoon:The Murder Mystery it's a fucking masterpiece, YOU FUCKING SUCK.
  • Avatar for Snow_Trooper
    Their best album.
  • Avatar for XSeanybOiX
    I enjoy ever song on this album. Very very consistent and listenable.


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