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  • Avatar for BatooqSupersoul
    Better than anything
  • Avatar for GloomHall
    Better than Кино [2]
  • Avatar for rhayader18
  • Avatar for Dnlphnv
    Lou Reed is a genius.
  • Avatar for ferocodile
    One of the most influential musical acts of the 20th century
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    I am waiting for the man aka my drug dealer. Tell em Lou. He's better than better.
  • Avatar for Wuhdo
    Better than me
  • Avatar for choosefruit
    Better than you.
  • Avatar for misterioss
    Better than Кино
  • Avatar for trustmeineedu
    Better than love.
  • Avatar for DistortionZero
    Better than life.
  • Avatar for Dnlphnv
    Better than Beatles [2]
  • Avatar for rhayader18
    She's busy sucking on my ding-dong
  • Avatar for rhayader18
    Too busy sucking on a ding-dong
  • Avatar for WarriorJones
    Let's start a Squeeze fanclub
  • Avatar for splitandrelease
    If there not classic rock then what is?
  • Avatar for Isee_deadpeople
    better than anything
  • Avatar for gzmag
    "classic rock" tag sucks [4]
  • Avatar for Natanaelbp
    Better than Beatles
  • Avatar for SkinneeJay
    what a klon
  • Avatar for TicoAdams
    Please come to Brazil
  • Avatar for TheOnlyMAD
    Too busy sucking on my ding-dong
  • Avatar for rhayader18
    WL/WH > The VU & Nico > The VU >>>>>>>>>>>> Loaded .... Their first two albums are basically the two greatest rock albums ever.
  • Avatar for lennford
    The self titled LP could have been made nowadays and still sound contemporary
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    i keep forgetting how good the first two lp's were
  • Avatar for SadSkinhead
    Sister Ray should be number one
  • Avatar for dudingston
    Идеальны почти во всем.Люблю.
  • Avatar for BollowYourGrue
    @barbwireboy2 in complete agreement there, WL/WH is easily my most favourite album of all time. If we're being precise it's WL/WH > TVU&N >>>> TVU >> Loaded. I really don't care for anything much past WL/WH
  • Avatar for barbwireboy2
    WLWH > TVU&Nico > TVU > Loaded...interested to see what anyone else thinks. Best song is Sister Ray or Heroin for me.
  • Avatar for hulkson
    Siguen siendo la mejor banda de la historia.
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Cool Music
  • Avatar for sandrarichm
    Love this Music
  • Avatar for Ghost_Andrey
    Venus in Furs is very very incredeable song!
  • Avatar for TheOnlyMAD
    The Murder Mystery is their best song.
  • Avatar for Luccaag
    "classic rock" tag sucks [3]
  • Avatar for rockandross
    Hello! :) Pussy POooOwer ,i,,i share if you enjoy it! ;)
  • Avatar for Jelle9999
    "classic rock" tag sucks [2]
  • Avatar for AndalusianCat
    awww, so fkin great.
  • Avatar for perfektionismus
    Horrible, all of it. Sounds like some dude singing really bad karaoke.
  • Avatar for DissecteDnigger
    "classic rock" tag sucks
  • Avatar for Poisonnation
    Great music, but I always thought Lou was a little too pretentious for his own good.
  • Avatar for lazysnailcity
    happy birthday, lou. i miss you
  • Avatar for juliacfonseca
    I don't know just where I'm going but I'm gonna try for the kingdom if I can...'cause it makes me feel like I'm a man.
  • Avatar for sandrabjorg
    Big Fan Here
  • Avatar for killerblau
    [group]The modern and ancient world would be disgusted with you.[/group]
  • Avatar for leeisfreee
    please come to brazil [lol]
  • Avatar for TicoAdams
    please come to brazil
  • Avatar for music_blogger
    I don't understand this album [2]
  • Avatar for temple0824
    love! love! love!
  • Avatar for Rustune
    the velvet underground is a place


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