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  • Favourite guitarists

    8 Sep 2006, 19:14 by dr_shoganai

    Those are some of prog/classic rock guitarists that I, as occasional guitar player, respect the most:

    1.) Robert Fripp (King Crimson, solo) - if there is emphasis on invention, variability and musical discipline then Bob is easily the greatest and most exciting guitar player in rock history. Not only a phenomenal guitarist but also a decent musician and leader of the geatest rock band ever, IMHO of course. Yes, he may be sometimes eccentric as person but I share most of his views on life or people's behavior at concerts (such as, for example; smoking, drinking, uncontrolably screaming and other unhealthy habits).

    2.) Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis, ex-GTR, solo) - long ago known as enigmatic bearded guitarist for classical formation of Genesis. But I think that he realy started to show his full potential as highly creative musician when he began solo career. Afterwards he made some of the best albums in symphonic prog. A maestro of numerous guitar technics like finger tapping or pickering he is great persona as well.
  • Kino, Oakwood Centre Rotherham, 09/07/2005

    27 Aug 2005, 00:27 by unevendays

    Sat 9 Jul – Kino (UK)

    Kino (UK), Classic Rock Society, Rotherham

    I arrived in Rotherham around half four and wandered up to the hotel, where I discovered the guys I was staying with in the bar. No suprises there, then! A few drinks later, we were joined by a lovely lady I'd never met before, and drank a bit more before stumbling around the corner to the venue around 7.30. Doors were at 7 - it felt rather odd not having been there before doors! The support (well, one of them, but if there was a second I didn't even notice them!), Strangefish, started soon after and we stayed outside on the steps. We could hear them a bit, especially when someone opened a door. I wasn't too bothered. We stayed there until I heard the Kino-like sound of the intro to Leave a Light On, and legged it inside. You see, I'm good - I can pick out a quiet intro through two sets of doors and leg it inside just in time to see John Beck arrive onstage.

    The venue was a school hall. …
  • Kino, Mean Fiddler, 22/04/2005

    26 Aug 2005, 23:44 by unevendays

    Fri 22 Apr – Kino (UK)

    Kino (UK), first UK date, London

    I mostly went along to this gig for the social aspect although I also trusted Pete Trewavas to have a decent band, so was quite happy to purchase the ticket and later the album. I arrived at the watering hole in plenty of time and managed to meet a lot of nice people before departing for the venue. I had by this time heard the album and loved it, so I was looking forward to the gig.

    The venue was The Mean Fiddler and I like it in there. It's a nice place, fairly small and they were burning incense (apparently a Kino tradition). Very nice. I spotted Pete (bass player in both Marillion and Kino) at the bar, and said hello to him on our way to the bar. We then settled on some benches upstairs while we waited for the support act (called Sons of the Tundra to be over and the band to appear. Not my kind of thing. And their singer appearted to be wearing a dressing gown.

    Finally the band showed up around 9. …