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  • Avatar for Robbie3012
    Hailz from Uruguay.
  • Avatar for kanto_sho
    wrong John O'Neill link hi hi
  • Avatar for Poetry_Whore
    Band of my lifetime since 30 years. Fantastic music, incredibly powerful & uplifting live act, most lovely & humorous guys.
  • Avatar for Disvisonpunk86
    Brilliant band that is all ❤️ em 👌😎👍
  • Avatar for ErlingLindseth
  • Avatar for S1D1991
    Greetings from Ukraine)
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    Teenage Kicks - одна из определяющих записей в истории рока, по сути это британский ответ на брэтпек, и получилось очень круто. жаль, что остальное в их творчестве не дотягивает, ну да это как раз и естественно.
  • Avatar for larm0
    ай вонна холд хёр вонна холд хёр тайт гет тинэйдж кикс райт тфру зэ найт
  • Avatar for Eat-Me-Drink-Me
    ай вонна холд хёр вонна холд хёр тайт гет тинэйдж кикс райт тфру зэ найт !!!
  • Avatar for bstjv
    ай вонна холд хёр вонна холд хёр тайт гет тинэйдж кикс райт тфру зэ найт
  • Avatar for wretched-one
    "I don't wanna get over you, it doesn't matter what you do"
  • Avatar for venividivicious
    Pretty much everything they did up to (and including) 1980 is golden.
  • Avatar for Costelongue
    You've got my number :)
  • Avatar for SilentPoet82
    The [group]Irish Rock League[/group] is waiting for your votes to decide the next winners!
  • Avatar for RosayFanboy
    I'm so glad I discovered the Undertones about a year ago. They are one of the all-time best of the Pop-Punk genre, up there and possibly better than the Buzzcocks.
  • Avatar for alin1
    v From Northern Ireland.
  • Avatar for IHateRussians
    They're from Northen Ireland, or from the Republic of Ireland?
  • Avatar for mai_neim_iz_OZN
    i like the last 2 albums, they give a good vibe:)
  • Avatar for rustco
    Check out "Thursdays Friend" LastFm page. Cool band from Adelaide Australia. Free downloads of Grunge/Punk/Metal. Peace!
  • Avatar for flashbleu
    Vocals don't remind me of Joe Strummer. Strummer was a typical punk shouter like a hundred others; Sharkey was unique.
  • Avatar for simontogo
    True, true, true, true, true confessions!
  • Avatar for WarriorJones
    A bit derivative of the other bands of the time (Ramones, Buzzcocks, vocals remind me a little of Joe Strummer, too), but good!
  • Avatar for Helijn
    I did listen to some other songs than Teenage Kicks. But it was nothing like it.
  • Avatar for ShakeMePretty
    I need excitement oh I need it bad ♥
  • Avatar for ricardoaraujodo
    trilha sonora muito boa!!!!
  • Avatar for ze_zar
    Compilado (para descargar) que arme de la selección de canciones originales que tomaron los chicos de [artist]Nouvelle Vague[/artist], en su primer disco (Nouvelle Vague/2004), clásicos del new wave/goth rock/post-punk que ellos versionaron en bossanova lounge sounds... Podrás encontrar la canción "Teenage Kicks" de The Undertones •
  • Avatar for northernbeach
    What do you think about my band?
  • Avatar for Manoloxines's like I'm 12 again!
  • Avatar for xturnoverx
    chocolate and girls!
  • Avatar for SilentPoet82
    New season of the [group]Irish Rock League[/group] has started. Your votes will decide the next champion!
  • Avatar for AledMCR
    Hypnotised is the most underrated punk album ever.
  • Avatar for worst_astronaut
    i wanna hold her, wanna hold her tight. get teenage kicks right through the nigh! [2]
  • Avatar for paliperidone
    i wanna hold her, wanna hold her tight. get teenage kicks right through the nigh!
  • Avatar for fnckoff
    really great band. one of the best of punk 77'
  • Avatar for alin1
    Just heard Teenage Kicks: indeed it's awesome!
  • Avatar for trashcityrocker
    punk is alive
  • Avatar for worst_astronaut
    Teenage Kicks is really awesome, i can't describe it well, just cause this song can make us really better!
  • Avatar for DeadandLovely08
    Love this song, can't wait to see them!
  • Avatar for thekidswantriot
    great show at garage yesterday !!
  • Avatar for fragg_grrl
    Me and my dad are great friends with the band, been a guest at their shows a fair few times! One of my all time favourites, from my wee hometown!
  • Avatar for tom_jones384
    anyone seem them live recently? are they actually any good without Feargal?
  • Avatar for dale1664
    why does tell me that ive only played these 7 times! :O what a disgrace!
  • Avatar for Damn7Boy7
    Learn more about modern russian underground scene!
  • Avatar for SilentPoet82
    New season has started in the [group]Irish Rock League[/group]. Start voting for your favourites!
  • Avatar for FallOutGerard
    love all their songs but most recently has to be when saturday comes (:
  • Avatar for Kali0str0
    You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?) - на эту песню Др Филгуд делали кавер))
  • Avatar for Old_Punka
    Fantastic live back in the day, seen the new lineup but can't replace Feargal.
  • Avatar for HemelSaint
    Get to see them at a gig soon, people. They still do a couple of gigs a year and they truly are effing amazing. "Thrill Me" is a recent song from the Tones and is just awesome. Thanks for everything, The Undertones.....
  • Avatar for Leandeer
    My favorite punk rock band. Four years ago I was crazy about Ramones and Sex Pistols but by time I realize that this guys rock and now I'm listening them for three years already. (sun)
  • Avatar for luckystoned
    teenage kicks - sooo amazing ^^


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