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  • Avatar for mechamugen
    ow, my fucking neck
  • Avatar for mcfagget
  • Avatar for Thurible
    Is this track fucking insane or what
  • Avatar for Eris_Raved
  • Avatar for last_nickname
    well, i'm dead
  • Avatar for JTLDN
  • Avatar for CornishGhost
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
    zprooeedschmleeeouzzzzee [2]
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
    chainsaw noises transforming into a synth
  • Avatar for Digitial5HT2a
    love it
  • Avatar for mot00rzysta
    Menthol Beats
  • Avatar for Mamama888
    Yeeeeeaaaaah! Mental beats!
  • Avatar for mot00rzysta
    where's my volume up button ?
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
    stone cold classic
  • Avatar for AndreNunesPT
    fuck me
  • Avatar for achromes
    this is incredible!
  • Avatar for DRsCRISSandMOOB
    They took his Button pushers...... For the love of Judas.
  • Avatar for Leonod
    Hmm, I want to comment on it....but I guess I don't really have any words for it, other than wowee.
  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
    This is just incredible, I can't believe this kind of music exists
  • Avatar for dinglenutsack
    Either this is Richard D James or he loaned his synths to 'the Tuss'
  • Avatar for djskein79
    This is obviously Aphex Twin, even someone who's never heard Aphex Twin before could tell you this sounds exactly like Aphex Twin.
  • Avatar for Swoonn
    I was pretty much convinced this was him judging by how raw these tracks are and the other reasons why like equipment,publisher etc.But yeah im really convinced now.Can hear his voice at the very end.It sounds like the same voice modulation or whatever that he used on his voice on windowlicker.
  • Avatar for mom4il
  • Avatar for los_garrador
    some trippy ass shit here
  • Avatar for CommetBoxJunky
  • Avatar for boehj
  • Avatar for russianvoodoo
    So much work!
  • Avatar for morabia
    martial arts on mushrooms
  • Avatar for Thinspread
  • Avatar for pomykaj
    it's.. i'm speechless. well, spreetschmless. zprooeedschmleeeouzzzzee
  • Avatar for gabrieldeluxe
    this has to be RDJ
  • Avatar for gabrieldeluxe
    best track by the tuss
  • Avatar for Connarhea
    wow, that piano! [2]
  • Avatar for CaptainCrayola
    Awesome, but are we sure it is mr RDJ??
  • Avatar for fatwang
    Luke, I am your father
  • Avatar for resinblade99
    this is modern music
  • Avatar for toxonix
    yes good very
  • Avatar for purple_button
  • Avatar for topMID
    5:47 or so, and beyond = amazing.
  • Avatar for st-in-f
  • Avatar for Shivflow123
    god i love this song!
  • Avatar for pineslice
    Richard D. James is the man
  • Avatar for E47
    Some of the best RDJ ever.
  • Avatar for Leonod
    Stunning stuff
  • Avatar for ruffneckkorndog
    The tuss is a muss.
  • Avatar for BiggMarce
    I just felt my baby moving.
  • Avatar for thekow
  • Avatar for Su_ziq
  • Avatar for aarghapanda
    Jesus Christ, this is just ridiculously cool.


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