• Also I still have no internet,

    2 Jan 2007, 23:46 by BookishKate

    which is why I haven't scrobbled music in over a month. I'm typing this at my parents house, which is lame, because I have access to a computer but can't really use it since this computer is bugged down with thousands of viruses and programs that don't do anything. But - some musical catchup:

    The subjects headlined pilam's welcome back show - a successful show overall, although I dug the low key vibe of The Trolleyvox probably a little more. Perhaps just because one of the guys from The Subjects was acting obnoxious and harrassing my friend.

    Megan was friends with the merch guy for this Phoenix band, Maxeen and got her, Rachel and I free passes to see the show with Action Action. We actually missed Maxeen, but I have to admit I preferred this other kind of emo-y band, We Are The Fury - their sound left you feeling happier. Also, the lead singer had blogworthy fashion sense.

    Pitchfork named it the #4 album of the year, but I really don't understand the fuss over Boys And Girls In America. …