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  • Avatar for KatieDementie
    awesome and clever
  • Avatar for Drummah
  • Avatar for joaotsantos
    The Canadian Rock League (season 2) will start in the next week. You can vote in this band here [url=]Canadian Rock League[/url] Every week have a new voting! Greetings
  • Avatar for Emmalene1987
    I love The Trews!
  • Avatar for fortric
    new album - awesome :)
  • Avatar for Dr_LOVEcat
    la la la))))!
  • Avatar for prizefyter
    !!! Vancouver April 26th !!!
  • Avatar for fortric
    Hope & Ruin :)
  • Avatar for demoncleaner77
    I once heard a goat getting raped by a farmer and it sounded better than this band. The only thing worse is Our Lady Peace.
  • Avatar for qwerty_34
    They'v got amazing songs :>> You're so Sober :)))))))))))))))))))
  • Avatar for ilovestuffjess
    i like their new song:P Highway of Heroes.
  • Avatar for inuyasha16
    Every Inambition!
  • Avatar for 8Otany8
    "Den Of Thieves" - fantastic album!
  • Avatar for prizefyter
    These guys are fuck-TASTIC!
  • Avatar for fortric
    Sing your heart out :)
  • Avatar for The-UnCool
    Take a look at our post on The Trews and Ace Frehley live show in Chicago. Kind of a funny show. Love to know what you think.
  • Avatar for GAS0LINE
    i guess they sound like sam roberts a little bit if you only listen to a couple of their singles...i used to think they were pretty generic. but give their whole albums a shot! they're more interesting then you would think, now i absolutely love them hahah
  • Avatar for seanconn
    LOL yeah trew fax, Fesnak.
  • Avatar for fesnak
    trews are fucking terrible. most blatant sam roberts rip off ever. fuck the trews
  • Avatar for fortric
    new single - is amazing :)
  • Avatar for nemesis414
    Inward eye **
  • Avatar for nemesis414
    inward actually opened for the trews at a show i saw them at in Wasaga Beach Ontario Canada kick ass show btw!
  • Avatar for Bee132
    Great band. The Best like Depeche Mode.
  • Avatar for prizefyter
    Not sure what took me so long to come around to these guys. 'House of Ill Fame' is aces!
  • Avatar for DanG40
    Great show at Stampede last night!
  • Avatar for retard-a-tion
    The Trews - Will You Wash Away AWESOME
  • Avatar for fortric
    they are really no appreciate :(. The best band ever !
  • Avatar for James46n2
    New Trews site:
  • Avatar for thestone41
    Antigonish boy here, keep pumpin' out the tracks boys and PLEASE come back to chuggles:)
  • Avatar for Stec
    Yeah NIAGARA FALLS baby.... The Trews rock!!!!!
  • Avatar for Suvegon
    Damn, i don't even like rock but this shit is dope :o
  • Avatar for Nann
    Best Band EVER
  • Avatar for Synchroel
    I'm seeing them! YAY.
  • Avatar for dj315
    Saw them at a free show in Vancouver, pretty damn good, talked to singer briefly after seemed like pretty cool guy, hope they get success
  • Avatar for BadArtGood
    i think this is the only canadian band i listen to? hah not sure, but i love it
  • Avatar for Enman
    The boys always deliver a great live performance, and the new material is solid
  • Avatar for GAS0LINE
    such a great band. really solid stuff and great vocals...i can't believe more people don't listen!
  • Avatar for demonspeed1102
    The new CD is really really good. Digging it a lot. I wish more Americans would get into this band so they'd play down here more. Of course, I wish their American record label would put some fucking effort in promoting them, too.
  • Avatar for fortric
    I give some new The Trews photo :D
  • Avatar for Lamora
    The fact that they're from Antigonish amuses me to no end. A bunch of townies getting famous.. who knew? :P
  • Avatar for aric69
    cant beleive i just heard of these guys. they're music is very catchy.. my kind of shit right here. i love they're weird piano tunes
  • Avatar for stevo796
    it is a great album. shit cover though
  • Avatar for ThomD
    New allbum is amazingly good. May even prefer it to Den Of Thieves on first listen! Loving the drum sound on it.
  • Avatar for fortric
    may be someonen know where I'll find lyrics from no time for later ??
  • Avatar for shelterinfo
    whats happenin fellas? squid here, bassist from shelter with thieves. just wanted to say nice job with the hold me video...keep up the good work. its comforting to know that we have guys like you reppin the east coast.werd play loud, play late, play often
  • Avatar for WednesdayLump
    They played at my high school :P
  • Avatar for fortric
    I'm waiting for a new album :D
  • Avatar for inuyasha16
    seen live in new glasgow!!!
  • Avatar for GAS0LINE
  • Avatar for lunapuella
    I can't believe they're coming to the Netherlands! In one of my favourite venues too. Wow. :D


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