• top 40 albums of 2009

    29 Dec 2009, 18:31 by hopippolla

    40.City Center - s/t (type records)
    39. All India Radio - a low high (inevitable records)
    38. Tutankamon - s/t (playground music)
    37. The Sunshine Factory - vintage revolution (self-released)
    36. The Brunettes - paper dolls (lil' chief records)
    35. The Crayon Fields - all the pleasures of the world (chapter music)
    34. My Robot Friend - soft-core (double feature records)
    33. Stars in Coma - sisters (music is my girlfriend)
    32. Avner - lyssna (sincerely yours)
    31. So Cow - s/t (tic tac totally)
    30. Jeremy Jay - slow dance (k records)
    29. Parade - la fortaleza de la soledad (jabalina musica)
    28. Dead Man's Bones - s/t (werewolf heart records)
    27. Linda Guilala - bucles infinitos (elefant records)
    26. The Tremulance - polaroids (lonely robot)
    25. Montt Mardié - skaizerkite (hybris)
    24. We & Lisa - dreams within a dream (series two records)
    23. My Sad Captains - here & elsewhere (stolen recordings)
    22. Lunch Money - dizzy (squirrel mechanic records)
    21. Lacrosse - bandages for the heart (tapete records)
  • Stories Of Oceans

    7 Oct 2008, 09:08 by Jirka73

    I don’t prefer sorting music… or I may just can’t select it into the exact group… If I would think as much as I can about canadian duo Stories Of Oceans, I can’t find any category. May be that is why I really want to introduce them to everyone. Stories Of Oceans are different: they are not bringing or showing anything genius or fascinating - even respectively. When you listen their sounds, you feel like you heart them already thousand times, but every time with different feelings…

    Stories Of Oceans are probably pop. Alternative pop? May be alternative pop with ambient elements. It is pop, which is not intrude and it doesn’t want to be super hit. They would never be mainstream band, they don’t event want to be. So, that it is - they play and trust me, it is never boring… From each sound you are more and more sure, that they are talented much more and all audience expect another great sounds in the future. Listen their the first album calls same as name of the band - Stories Of Oceans. As you know, how it works with interesting music now, you can downloaded for free - here…