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Wednesday 9 April 2014
The TidelineConcert FRANZ - Bühne Saal Café, Franzstraße…
52064 Aachen, Germany
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Friday 11 April 2014
The TidelineConcert Pogs
Mönchengladbach Rheydt, Germany
51.163864 6.441229
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Saturday 19 April 2014
The Tideline @ Landesgartenschau 2014 Zülpich
The TidelineConcert
Landesgartenschau 2014
Zülpich, Germany
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Friday 25 April 2014
The TidelineConcert ArtRock Café
Gronau, Germany
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Saturday 17 May 2014
Krach aufm Acker
Night Laser, Tomahawk, Solo, The Tideline, Intöxicated, Chief Rockhead, Cut The CordFestival
Gut Eliashofen
Aachen, Germany

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Saturday 7 June 2014
The TidelineConcert Café Egmont
Aachen, Germany
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Saturday 28 June 2014
The TidelineConcert tba
Aldenhoven, Germany
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Saturday 30 August 2014
Sommerfest BFSE
The Tideline, Banta, TapeOne, Camarel, Dragon ParkConcert
Grillhütte auf dem Driesch Weisweiler
Eschweiler, Germany
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Friday 21 November 2014
Record Release Show
The TidelineConcert
Kappertzhölle (Saalbau Rothe Erde)
Aachen, Germany
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Saturday 6 December 2014
The TidelineConcert Römerkrug
Dormagen, Germany
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