• My Top 15 Artists Eplained

    13 Nov 2006, 20:40 by SoftNeedle

    1. Nickel Creek (922)

    I first heard Nickel Creek when my dad showed me the video to "I Should've Known Better". I thought it was ok, but decided not to persue them further. A few months later, I heard the same song again on someones iPod. I borrowed the first 2 albums off my dad, then bought the third one at the Cambridge Folk Festival 2006. That weekend I saw them twice :-D

    First Song Heard: I Should've Known Better
    Favourite Song: The Fox / Out Of The Woods

    2. The Mars Volta (654)

    I first heard The Mars Volta at the smoking area at Hills Road, whilst having a joint with my mates. I couldn't believe how different it was compared to a lot of other stuff I had heard. When in California on holiday, I bought Frances The Mute, followed shortly after by Scabdates and De-loused In The Comatorium. In November 2005 I saw them at the Birmingham Carling Academy. Thanks for the lift rV. Thanks for the ticket Josh.

    First Song Heard: Drunkship of Lanterns
    Favourite Song: Drunkship of Lanterns / Cicatriz ESP