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  • Avatar for Skog-1
    Fuckin A!
  • Avatar for ChristianOlsenn
    Very good
  • Avatar for ihateRBF
    Spun around on Personal LIfe. It's a brilliant album.
  • Avatar for uncleuncle
    your grandma maybe
  • Avatar for xChakix
    maximum hipstar.
  • Avatar for kluk_jako_buk
    How come I haven't discovered this band until now? They're great.
  • Avatar for miscalooi
  • Avatar for karlo1919
    don't worry AsthrayHeart, they played at the second largest stage at terraneo right after Celje in front of a big crowd, along with crystal castles and the raveonettes :)
  • Avatar for AsthrayHeart
    damn why do they have to play in such a lame small club in Celje... so not cool.
  • Avatar for Fifa51
    great gig at creepy teepee!
  • Avatar for riot_grrrl77
    Hutch. I love you.
  • Avatar for Bayou16
    I want to be Kathy's friend ^^
  • Avatar for itc87
    Good stuff <3
  • Avatar for dismembermen
    looking forward to see them in šibenik on terraneo
  • Avatar for Heaving
    Love these guys! Attitude and depth.
  • Avatar for Bnoise11
  • Avatar for twister1988
    Finally got to seem them live this past week with Matt & Kim. In my opinion, their set was much better than Matt & Kim's (not that theirs was bad).
  • Avatar for DennisRicley
  • Avatar for chump86
    The Body, The Blood, The Machine - i had no album which made me dance around in my house like this for such a long time. amazing record.
  • Avatar for EvilHomer52
    Old School Thermals > Now We Can See
  • Avatar for FreedomLogic
    Oh Way ow Oh Whoa Oh Oh Way Ow Oh Whoa Oh Oh Way Ow Oh Whoa Oh We Were Born in the desert We were reared in a cave We conquered in the sun but we lived in the shade Yeah baby we were savage We existed to kill Our History is Damaged at least it was a thrill But Now We can See!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for rockyjrs
    I saw them with Matt & Kim on Tuesday and in my opinion they were really good. No Culture Icon would probably have be my favorite along with Now We Can See, Returning to the Fold, and Here's Your Future. They were nowhere near as good as Matt & Kim (they lacked a good stage presence) but they were still amazing.
  • Avatar for DaysOfRage
    How can tunes be forgetful? And the band forgot its songs during the set? That's really weird; when I saw them a few years ago they seemed to remember all of them
  • Avatar for elegantmess
    Your opinion is cute, branichar.
  • Avatar for branichar
    Just saw them live with Matt & Kim. The chick helps their image but she didn't seem to do much. They are a forgetful band playing forgetful tunes. Nothing really special or interesting here. "Here's Your Future" was the only decent track from their set while everything else seemed formulaic. Pretty dissappointing.
  • Avatar for ooohbopbopbop
    haha i'm trying to learn their songs because i am seeing them next saturday :P with matt & kim! :)
  • Avatar for misterspike
    Psyched to see them for the first time on Sunday.
  • Avatar for TaylorGrimes
    Saw them about a year ago in a free record store show in downtown Portland, it was mid-July and fucking PACKED hot, but great show.
  • Avatar for riot_grrrl77
    One of my new favorites ^_^
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    My god these guys are fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for canopiesngrapes
    DrunkenWerewolf interviewed them for Issue 17 -
  • Avatar for gardiner06
    these guys are insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Avatar for jheisel
    1,000 plays
  • Avatar for uncommonentity
    Just as I was losing the ability to tell anyone what my favourite band was.
  • Avatar for mynameis_xmitch
    could a band sound any more perfect? the body, the blood, the machine has been on repeat all week.
  • Avatar for Bogus_Reilly
    Thermals @ Lyon :
  • Avatar for FiedlerR
    am 5.8. in Freising beim "Prima leben und stereo" Festival. Infos unter
  • Avatar for Croconaw-159
    Hell yes Oregon <3 Amazing band too.
  • Avatar for iamnotzac
    forbidden friends 7" is adorable. personal life rocked. glad things are still coming out of the sex machine that is the thermals.
  • Avatar for WeAreJeremiah
    the body the blood the machine still jams hard [2] Totally agree. Still one of my fave albums.
  • Avatar for ghostsoma
    the body the blood the machine still jams hard
  • Avatar for Chaosweaver144
    Hutch and Kathy's Forbidden Friends side project sounds great.
  • Avatar for daftgirly
    they are just plain fun to see live
  • Avatar for veguero
    they always remind me of bands from new zealand. great stuff
  • Avatar for motherchrimbus
    Unf. Beautiful fucking band.
  • Avatar for ObiWanMcColey
    Personal Life is amazing. All the way through.
  • Avatar for Tanorii
    An amazing live band! I'll be seeing them for the second time here in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Avatar for outtasiteoutta
    I wish Personal Life was better.
  • Avatar for talflick
    @JamesMichaell: more parts per million is my favourite, just because there are a couple parts in An Ear for Baby where hutch is stretching his voice a bit :P
  • Avatar for dupon
    Excelenteeee. me encanta esta banda!!! hace mucho no encontraba una banda que me hiciera no dejar de escucharla !!!


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