• HATETV.IT - Live Report - The Tallest Man on Earth+ Francis @Hana-bi

    27 May 2011, 14:32 by Busco

    Mer 25 Mag – The Tallest Man on Earth

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    Meravigliosa sera di maggio, concerto atteso da mesi, hype pazzesco sulla rete: ci aspettiamo un sacco di gente. E infatti.
    Già sulle nove l'Hana-Bi inizia ad essere pieno, la cinquantina di sedie davanti al palco tutte occupate e molte persone al banchetto del merch e ai punti bar.
    Aprono la serata i Francis, band svedese dalle sonorità twee che non conosco e della quale non è facile trovare traccia per la rete.
    Nonostante le prime canzoni non si distinguano molto tra di loro per carattere, sono frizzanti e perfette come aperitivo per la serata.
    Formazione "classica", che a basso, chitarra e batteria aggiunge una tastiera, che nel complesso riempie bene e finisce per meritare i giusti applausi.
    Dopo le prime tre canzoni cambiano leggermente tono e tirano fuori un paio di pezzi buoni a cui sento di tributare il mio rispetto di neofita.
    Conclude la mezz'oretta di opening act un brano un po' più slegato, megafono e strumentale a chiudere.
  • My Top 50 Albums of 2010

    16 Jan 2011, 03:57 by kcwyckoff

    So this year I decided to get even more self-indulgent and make a list of my fifty favorite albums from 2010. Here they are...

    #50 Nest - Retold (Norway)
    Highlights: Kyoto, Marefjellet
    My favorite ambient album of the year. Lots of ominous but incredibly beautiful strings and piano. Great to study to. I don’ know a thing about the band.

    #49 Holy Fuck - Latin (Toronto)
    Highlights: Red Lights, Stay Lit
    My favorite all analog electronic band returns better than ever. Driving acoustic drums and lots of cool old-school synths.

    #48 Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart (Vancouver)
    Highlights: The Hair Song, Old Fangs
    The psych-rockers add a little light to their dark sound. The male/female vocals play off each other perfectly on The Hair Song. Not to mention its got one of the best album covers I’ve seen.
  • The Tallest Man on Earth

    3 Oct 2010, 15:22 by vmd1020

    Sat 2 Oct – The Tallest Man on Earth, S. Carey

    I had high expectations going into this show and I was NOT disappointed.

    S. Carey was on first and due to the limited amount of material I've heard by him, I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. Very chill, but yet very entertaining.

    The Tallest Man took the stage and right away I knew it was going to be an amazing performance. He has such a commanding energy on stage that everyone just has to watch in awe. He would walk straight to the crowd, stare people down, sit down then stand up again, it was simply amazing. I was just so impressed that one man could hold the attention of an entire venue for over an hour.

    My favorite part of the show was during one of the songs he sat down for. The crowd was a bit noisy in the back, so he stood up and stared at them and all of the sudden their was a hush in the crowd.

    I can't wait to see him again.

    Favorite tracks:
    Love Is All
    This Wind
    Thrown Right at Me