• The best of 2012: The songs

    Gen 7 2013, 14:20 di borntohang

    1. Thåström - Beväpna dig med vingar/Samarkanda/Nere på Maskinisten

    - A draw of sorts. Way too difficult to choose one song by Thåström 2012, one of his strongest years ever.
    BDMV for its atmosphere, the strength and comfort of the words and how it fits every mood.
    Samarkanda for being a timeless love song with amazing and original lyrics and a beuatiful melody.
    NPM for its drive, its attitude and unique lyrics about the factors of existence.

    2. Mount Eerie - Through The Trees pt. 2

    - Life and how it is;
    "There is either no end or constant simultaneous end and beginning"

    3. Kent - Ruta 1

    - What love should be about.

    4. The Mary Onettes - A Breaking Heart Is a Brilliant Start

    - A song as much as a feeling, a mood, an atmosphere.

    5. Desaparecidos - MariKKKopa

    - So glad they're back.

    6. Mark Lanegan Band - Deep Black Vanishing Train

    - Lost on a violent sea
    Gone for endless days
    I have tried to free myself
  • TOP 52 ALBUMS OF 2012

    Dic 23 2012, 15:21 di Confessions87

    I feel like it gets harder to do these every year. To really keep up with the volume of great music being released takes commitment and a real passion for discovering new sounds and artists. My aim is to hear at least fifty two records thoroughly each year. Any more than that is a bonus. 2012 was a peculiar year in the sense that I feel as though no single record truly swept me off my feet. Unlike previous years where there was a clear winner that felt life-affecting in the greatest ways possible, 2012 has been an almost clinical process of getting through the slew of new releases, amongst them multiple disappointments from long-established artists and a series of overwhelmingly surprising new releases from up and coming bands.

    I've made the decision to omit Burial's Kindred only on the grounds that it was an EP and not a proper full-length. It was far and away the greatest EP I heard this year and builds on an already stunning back catalogue. …
  • Coming up in New Indie Folk soundrop room

    Lug 14 2012, 18:39 di casablanca

  • HATETV.IT - Live Report - The Tallest Man on Earth+ Francis @Hana-bi

    Mag 27 2011, 14:32 di Busco

    Mer 25 Mag – The Tallest Man on Earth

    - - - HateTV - - -

    Meravigliosa sera di maggio, concerto atteso da mesi, hype pazzesco sulla rete: ci aspettiamo un sacco di gente. E infatti.
    Già sulle nove l'Hana-Bi inizia ad essere pieno, la cinquantina di sedie davanti al palco tutte occupate e molte persone al banchetto del merch e ai punti bar.
    Aprono la serata i Francis, band svedese dalle sonorità twee che non conosco e della quale non è facile trovare traccia per la rete.
    Nonostante le prime canzoni non si distinguano molto tra di loro per carattere, sono frizzanti e perfette come aperitivo per la serata.
    Formazione "classica", che a basso, chitarra e batteria aggiunge una tastiera, che nel complesso riempie bene e finisce per meritare i giusti applausi.
    Dopo le prime tre canzoni cambiano leggermente tono e tirano fuori un paio di pezzi buoni a cui sento di tributare il mio rispetto di neofita.
    Conclude la mezz'oretta di opening act un brano un po' più slegato, megafono e strumentale a chiudere.