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The Tallest Man on Earth

I Won't Be Found (2:47)


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  • Beautiful.
  • Well now, that was just great.
  • He doesn't look that tall.
  • that voice is one of a kind man. gotta love it
  • Bob Dylan wanna-be? Maybe, but it still is a nice tune anyway. And if you are going to imitate somebody (I'm not saying he is now) then you may as well copy the best. :-)
  • Ya lost me at the mumblin'
  • great song
  • :)
  • Dylan, is that you i hear? :)
  • this just made my day <3
  • My life is a bit more complete, thanks to this song. [3]
  • everything the man puts out is gold [2]
  • great man
  • Songs like this restore my faith in music!!
  • hopelessly beautiful.
  • I love his voice!
  • Well I love it
  • Why don't I like this stuff - I know I should but I can't :)
  • best song ever... basta:)
  • http://validate-me.blogspot.com/
  • @1003720 hmm, only one of the manifold types of folk, really. the slurring across semitones is a bit Dylan-esque?
  • everything the man puts out is gold
  • I love this song as well as everything The Tallest man on Earth writes.
  • My life is a bit more complete, thanks to this song. [2]
  • he kinda reminds me old times i never lived.
  • Musical Vito: It's called folk.
  • The way in which he sings his words... it's unlike anything I've ever heard.
  • Great!
  • i'm taller than him : [
  • He really does have a Dylan quality to his voice, it makes me wish I could see this live, in a forest clearing in Sweden with a big fire and a blanket
  • My life is a bit more complete, thanks to this song.
  • Thanks for playing me this, Last.fm. I like a lot a lot!
  • very nice
  • 'dig it'
  • i love this guitar tune :D:D
  • Well, it appears that he's nicked some aspects off Drake and Dylan... but still decent wee number.
  • tallest man is a catharsis for me, perfect opening to this album, love it
  • Greart voice, great tune - Dylan similarity is irrelevant ffs
  • Can't stand his voice.
  • Bob Dylan wishes he could write a song as good as this.
  • I don't think of him so much as a Bob Dylan wannabe, more like a continuation of that musical cycle. I love that he plays the banjo.
  • Bob Dylan wannabe, liked it though
  • about 170 centimeters, i'd say. maybe even shorter.
  • How tall is he anyway?
  • the opening is reminiscent of Nick Drake's 'Cello Song' - anyone else think so?
  • Saw him at sasquatch, such an amazing performer.
  • it's useless to complain when someone says "this reminds me of WHOEVER". if they're saying, it's because it rings a bell on their experience with music. it's unfair to say "he's copying bob dylan" or "bob dylan rip off", but that it REMINDS people of bob dylan, there's no doubt. it's normal to say that. when i just meet someone, they always remind me of some actor or someone i know. after sometime, that similarity is almost gone (some cases are exceptions), since you know that person much better. it's a common mechanism in the human brain, you can only relate to what you know. i have a friend that always DISAGREES when I say someone looks like someone. it's very annoying. if I'm saying, it's because it came to my brain, somehow. no fuss to be made about it.
  • nice....<3


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