• Milestones

    30 Jun 2009, 05:43 by manikd

    250: (2009-03-14 12:56:07): Bill Bruford - Hell's Bells
    500: (2009-03-25 20:02:04): R.A.M. Pietsch - Theme From Hey, Bulldog
    750: (2009-03-27 20:44:47): Cher - Strong Enough
    1000: (2009-04-01 11:03:31): Helge Schneider - Paul und Helmut
    1250: (2009-04-08 13:12:22): Dave Meniketti - Mister Blister
    1500: (2009-04-15 12:17:55): The Police - Be My Girl - Sally
    1750: (2009-04-20 13:36:49): Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
    2000: (2009-04-27 11:56:53): Joe Bonamassa - Trouble Waiting
    2250: (2009-05-03 13:58:05): On the Virg - Sort Yourself out
    2500: (2009-05-14 19:15:39): Journey - It Could Have Been You
    2750: (2009-05-22 12:45:58): Keith Emerson - Soulscapes
    3000: (2009-05-28 15:35:16): Pink Floyd - One of My Turns
    3250: (2009-06-01 14:23:55): The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Foxey Lady
    3500: (2009-06-05 09:39:27): Queen - Big Spender
    3750: (2009-06-10 10:28:37): Eric Clapton - Promises
    4000: (2009-06-15 12:02:22): Cream - Dance the Night Away
  • Similar melodies across genres: John Scofield vs. Andy Davis, Count Basie vs. The…

    5 Aug 2008, 15:07 by deanchristesen

    1. Wow, my library radio played these songs back to back:

    John Scofield - Hammock Soliloquy within the first 12 seconds
    Andy Davis - Quicksand within the first 15 seconds

    Listen to the melody of each. Even in the very low volume of my office cubicle, I could hear Davis' voice mimicking Scofield's melody that played just a moment ago. Check it out.

    2. It's kind of like when my band in high school (The Supreme Quartet) wrote a song called Who's The Bossa?, and we thought the melody that our guitarist wrote was SO cool, until we found out that he was subconsciously recalling the melody to Scofield's Snap, Crackle, Pop. We had quite a laugh when we found out that we had blatantly, yet unintentionally, ripped off Scofield.

    This (the former case more than the latter) kind of proves that although music seems like an endless universe waiting to be discovered, there are only so many melodies out there. With 12 notes (in Western music) and only so many scales that we have been told sound good to the human ear…
  • superstar scrobblers ?

    21 Jul 2006, 07:13 by mll

    Proof that showers don't only serve to sing: while having mine today, I wondered: are there last.fm members who are music superstars ?

    I mean, while browing last.fm, I often encounter users who are part or a band or solo musicians, and they often publicize it on their profile blurb, like recently deanchristesen (who even uploaded The Supreme Quartet's tracks, cool, they deserve a try). But - pardon me if you're one of those - I was thinking about more famous people - as of today at least. ;) Maybe Bono is reading this journal, for example ? Or perhaps Thom Yorke is a forum moderator ? Or take Peter Gabriel: he was a pioneer with sequencers IIRC, he must be quite geeky, and maybe he listens to music on his high-end iPod, or on his personal computer with some last.fm plugin turned on ? So what's his account ? I'd love to know what theses famous stars listen to.

    Actually, I happen to think at least one is hiding in the last.fm staff. …
  • New artists of mine and what I think of them

    24 Jan 2006, 02:29 by deanchristesen

    I just got a new computer with a harddrive that's MUCH bigger than I'm used to, so I've been downloading a lot of music from a friend. Here's some stuff I got:

    Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles
    I'm not really used to stuff like this, it's a big stretch for me. For example, I'm listening right now to the song Support Our Troops (Black Angels OH) and it's kind of disturbing. I respect it though, because I imagine that it's an art to make noise like that. I mean, I'm used to hearing it from Jim O'Rourke and Glenn Kotche. It's not exactly "relaxing" to me like it is to friends of mine. Some of this stuff is awesome, though, dare I say like a mix between Iron & Wine and Damien Rice? I like the acoustic parts of the album more than the electronic though.

    The Streets - A Grand Don't Come for Free
    This is my second album of theirs, the first being Original Pirate Material. I haven't listened to this one yet, so I'm not going to comment on it yet. …
  • A Fascination with an Ex-Band

    18 Sep 2005, 20:30 by deanchristesen

    Why can't I just let go? We weren't even that good. I mean, we attracted a lot of fans just because we had this professionalism to us and because we had a .com website. Anyway, our name was Simonfalls and we were an -type of band.

    When I was in the band, it was all about spreading our music to become more widespread and known. I can't say I didn't care about the money we made off of our album, but I'm also not sure that I did care about the money. I don't remember...

    But now, our band has been apart for about a year and I still find it fascinating to see how many fans we can get on last.fm. The number grows; slowly, but it grows. I bring up this point because just today I uploaded our album Clay Hut Tea on the label part of this website, in hopes people will catch it on the last.fm radio. Why? I don't know. Maybe I like the idea of people hearing me drum, no matter what group it's with.

    This journal isn't made to get you to listen to our music, but if you like Jack Johnson